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I love a good story, don't you? And today I have a story of determination, talent, hustle and excellent customer care.

Do you ever wish you could find a local silkscreening company that sells great quality apparel items and also cares about their customers?

Meet John Bond and Brandon Hagen - owners of Twine Graphics & Screen Printing right here in Franklin.

We met because I was interested in getting some t-shirts made (more on that later) and I thought about how impossible it is to deal with these huge companies that mass produce shirts without any quality control or customer service. But problem solved, because Twine Graphics is NOW my place and it can be yours, too.

Twine Graphics and Screen Printing is a 100% custom shop.

Let's rewind a bit. John and Brandon met in college at Western Kentucky University, but weren't super close friends. John is a local Franklin guy and in 2011 Brandon moved to Franklin. They reconnected and one evening, while sitting on the porch at Mellow Mushroom, drinking a beer and eating pizza, they decided to start a silk screening/ graphics business.

And they did! Both kept their day jobs and they literally started Twine Graphics with $150. can be done, because they're living proof. Through word of mouth they began their business literally out of a shed. They'll tell you it was John's garage, but it was a shed. They worked all day, ran their business when they could and silk screened shirts at night.

They put in a lot of "sweat equity!" They also made intelligent decisions and they knew they wanted to create a place that was founded and thrived on integrity, hustle, quality, excellent customer care and being there for the local community.

All screening is done in house under their watchful eye. This is highly unusual, but they believe that quality and attention to detail is what matters most. (If you want embroidery or a novelty item, that's outsourced, but never anything silk screened.)

Need a shirt but don't know what you want to put on it? They've got you covered there, too. Yes...they'll create your unique design.

They've built a great team and they're very selective. John and Brandon told me that the team is "like a family." Many of their employees joined them early and worked longer and harder for less, because they believed in the concept of Twine Graphics. I love that!

98% of all their work is referral based. They know how to create raving fans because they're dedicated to building intimate, lasting relationships with each client. And here's the cool thing...they LOVE working with small businesses and individuals.

You don't have to place a huge order. In fact, you can do a run of just 12 items. Talk about opening your doors to everyone. can have that small run done for your birthday or family reunion. Small or doesn't matter because you're going to get the royal treatment.

And this, my friends, is why they've grown 300% in just one year!

Here's how you can reach Twine.

108 Century Court, Franklin, 37064 or give them a call at 615.538.8031.

They believe you shouldn't have to pay more for quality and they'll give you the best price and turn your job around quickly.

Two creative individuals...terrific partners...great product and an awesome business! That's Twine in a nutshell.

I'm a huge believer in supporting our local business and now you know where to go for all your silk screening needs.

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