You Touch My Heart…I’m Grateful and the Winner is…

I wish I had 100 VIP tickets to giveaway to the Country Living Fair, because I would give everyone who left such heartfelt comments tickets and we’d all go to the fair and drink sweet tea (except I don’t drink sweet tea) and shop and listen to music and watch demonstrations together and we’d have a ball!

But I can’t, because I only had one pair of tickets to give.

I choose winners at random. If you leave a comment, you’re automatically entered. I write everyone’s name on a piece of paper…put them all in a basket and then my Mom reaches in and selects a name. This time…the winner is Erin Mataj who is also a California Girl and she’s never been to the Country Living Fair before! Congratulations Erin…you’re tickets are in the mail.

I have to say that y’all are so special. Every time I read a comment from you, it makes my heart smile. (Well…in all honesty…sometimes there are haters, but I don’t post their comments!) I mean, why pollute the pretty garden? And if you don’t have anything nice to say about a blog post then maybe, just keep it to yourself.

I received a lot of comments for this giveaway…but today I thought you should know just how special I think you are by sharing some of what y’all wrote.

I was born in Tennessee and occasionally I get to go back and visit cousins and see the sights. I would LOVE to attend the Country Living Fair with my cousins this year. It would indeed be a wonderful good time. I’ve had the Country Living Fair on my bucket list for a long time, this would be my first! I’m so excited! I can’t wait! – Phyllis My 85 year old grandmother (Grandmama) lives in Pensacola FL and my family and I don’t get down to see her as often as I’d like. She has a subscription to Country Living and ALWAYS saves them to give to me and has for years. I never subscribed myself because the issues with little post-it notes from her on pages she thinks I might like are so special. She can’t travel anymore, but going to the show and finding some treasures for her (and me!) would be awesome! I’m thinking Mother’s Day gifts. -Heather
My best friend lives in Franklin! So any excuse to visit her is a chance to have lots of fun! I live in Arkansas and not too far to travel for attending a fair. We have an old dairy farm and love checking out old “stuff” and true antiques to give life back to the house and old barn. – Dana

This one really got me…Oh Steve…I so hope you go.

I’m a new father to a beautiful daughter with my incredible wife. I would love to celebrate the women in my life and discover the new adventures of the fair. – Steve

And then there was this one from Becky….

Why do I want to Discover Franklin and visit the Country Living Fair? YOU! Because of Discovering Franklin. Lionhearted Woman and the City Farmhouse blogs on Facebook, I learned of a city I never knew. Because of your blog I have pinned, posted and saved many vignettes, discovered places to go, people to meet and things to BUY! I would love to share this visit with my brother and sister. As we grow older, we cherish trips and laughter all the more. Thank you!

Listen…I really want you to know just how much it means that you allow me into your life and that you read my stuff. I love it when you see me in Franklin or at a nearby event and you say hello. Please don’t ever stop doing that. This little blog has changed my life in more ways than you can ever imagine and so today…I just want to say…

Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart


I wish Everyone Could Have Won!

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