You Can Beat the Winter Blues!

And just like “that” winter is upon us. After an unseasonably warm – like close to 80 degree warm December…winter arrived this morning in all her stark frigid glory!

Tennessee is weird. One minute I’m sitting outside on the patio at Bar Taco in 12 South eating lunch with my daughter and poof…the a few days later, it’s in the 20’s with thick cloud cover. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced.

I get why Florida is a big draw in winter! A little sunshine always helps and no one loves a sunset over the beach more than me, but here we go with the plan.

There’s a lot about winter that is truly beautiful in all its starkness.

An added bonus is that most organizational products are on sale in January. Winter, I think, is the time to purge.

When weather permits, Sassy and I are going for walks in new places. In case you want to know…her favorite place is Carnton Plantation…wide open spaces for her to run.

Keep the fire burning. Adding the glow of the fire to your room gives the feeling of coziness. It’s a good emotional investment.

I’m committed to pampering myself by taking more baths. (Actually I never take baths, but I’m going to start.) I’m going to burn candles and play beautiful music and spend time in quiet meditation taking care of me.

And speaking of candles, I’m burning more candles than usual, because I love them, and in the winter when the house is closed up, the fragrance of lovely candles permeates my home and they make me feel warm.

And finally…I’m taking mega doses of Vitamin D…the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D helps with our mood and increases our immune system. What’s not to love about Vitamin D? I take about 3,000 – 4,000 i.u.’s a day. It really does help your mood.

There you go…my plan to Beat the Winter Blues. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What are some ways that you beat the Winter Blues? Leave me a comment below.

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