Why You Need Lawn Care in Franklin, TN

Oh Franklin, TN…how I love you and all your breathtaking beauty! But…

You knew there was a but, right?

Can we talk about the abundance and variety of weeds you so lavishly bestow upon our gardens and lawns?

If you were sitting here with me, I’d tell you how I wish you’d be a little less invasive and let my lawn do most of the heavy lifting, but would you listen?

If you’ve been with me for awhile, then you know for the first two years we had a big lawn saga. We were Middle Tennessee novices and no one really told us about what it takes to have a pretty lawn. I didn’t have these issues in California, but that’s a moot point, because today you can’t even water your lawn in California.

I’m pretty sure it’s another California thing, cuz we just didn’t know what we didn’t know, but in a nutshell…here’s our lawn tale of woe.

If you’ve recently moved to Franklin, TN and no one told you that you need a professional lawn care service, take it from me – YOU DO! Keep reading because there’s a free offer for my readers.

So here’s the short story just so you aren’t confused. We had a mold incident shortly after we moved into our house, which was linked to a bad sprinkler installation, which was never disclosed (a whole other story) to us, we had to fix the drainage at our home.

Lush lawn, courtesy of Pure Green Lawn Care.

Mind you, I have a very small front yard on purpose. I had just won ‘Yard of the Month’ in my neighborhood (which is hysterical in and of itself), and the very next day…we had to dig up the entire yard! Ugh!

But onward and upward. Once the drainage was installed, it was time to lay new turf. I know nothing about grass – nothing. Beautiful fescue was recommended and $3,000 later, we had lawn…but…it was the middle of summer and I now know…this is NOT when you put down sod. Sigh!

The company that installed the sod forgot to tell us that we needed a lawn service.

Oops and a big mistake.

Last spring and summer we had ZERO fescue and nothing but weeds! Say good-bye to our $3,000 investment because we had to start over!

There is a silver lining and today I have a beautiful green lawn and it will stay that way, thanks to Pure Green lawn care.

Here’s what I love about Pure Green – they specialize in using natural, organic-based products and are known around Middle Tennessee for their excellent customer service. They also treat my trees and plants because – again…not only are there weeds, but also bugs. This year, my plants look healthy and vibrant and it’s a huge difference from past years. They appear to be happy.

Pure Green offers a variety of services and I promise you – you’ll be happy you made this investment in your yard care. My recommendation is that you give them a call and ask for a consultation.

Pure Green takes care of the lawn in the foreground. I wouldn’t want to be this person’s neighbor.

This is not a gardening service. I can’t really offer up any help for a gardener, but I did ask Nathan Brandon, owner of Pure Green for some tips you can do at home this spring to keep your lawn up to snuff.

“Spring is the best time of the year to start your lawn care. Perfect temperatures and generous rainfall help pave the way for luscious, green grass for those hot summer months ahead. In fact, if you don’t get ahold of your lawn care by spring, you might as well wait until September.”

Spring Cleaning Lawn Tips!

Rake – Clear your yard of any dead grass, leaves or trash that has collected during the winter months. You get extra points for using the materials to compost!

Fertilize – Applying fertilizer and bio-nutrients to your grass, and systemic insecticide to your trees and shrubs will help protect from bugs and give you the best shot at a green lawn all summer long.

Prune – Get rid of any dead or damaged tree branches and cut back any returning flowers for maximum growth this summer.

Don’t forget to do some Spring Cleaning – Cleaning and sharpening mower blades, ridding the gutters of debris, pressure washing the house and deck and washing any windows and outdoor furniture will give you a fresh start for those long summer months spent enjoying outside your yard.

How to Contact Pure Green Lawn Care

Call: 615.988.6777 and tell them you learned about them on Discovering Franklin!


Just for the readers of Discovering Franklin. Pure Green is offering 2 free flea and tick applications with the purchase of an annual package. Call them for details and don’t forget to mention Discovering Franklin.

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