Whirlwind Trip to California

I had a wonderful whirlwind trip to California…the land of constant sunshine! I’m pretty sure we packed two weeks worth of activities into one week and yet…I always come sorry that I didn’t get to see everyone. Everyone is not possible, but I still feel bad.

I don’t usually share my trips to Los Angeles with you, which is weird since I share everything else, so I thought this time, I’d offer you a bird’s eye view into my Southern California vacation.

We arrived on a Sunday morning and the BEST part of the whole trip is seeing Kaitlyn’s face waiting for us at the airport. I love that face more than she will ever know.

This time, she had Pepita in tow. Kaitlyn is like the very best godmother in the world to Pepita…a 4 pound, handicapped, rescued chihuahua. Pepita was born with all four of her legs disabled and she can’t walk…so she goes everywhere with Kaitlyn when she’s caring for her. It’s hard not to fall in love with Pepita. (I’m going to share a whole post about what we can learn from this tiny dog.)

Once in the car we headed to the beach for brunch! It was a gorgeous, glorious beach day. Then off to see our friends where we were staying. I love friends where you never miss a beat…seems like you were together yesterday. Don’t you love that, too?

Monday we hit Malibu for lunch…a walk on the beach and a little window shopping…okay…maybe not all window shopping. It’s very difficult NOT to shop in California as evidenced by the two boxes I shipped home.

My girl and me.

If you visit Malibu in the future, be sure to eat at Malibu Farm. You can thank me later because this little restaurant serves the most delicious fresh, organic, clean food as has a spectacular view.

I told you the view was amazing!

My family…

I love French bistro food and Kaitlyn and I always eat lunch at Monsieur Marcel located in the original Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. You really can’t go wrong here because after lunch, there’s food shopping at the Monsieur Marcel market. (Thus shipping two boxes home.)

If you like French influences…this is your place.

Pepita came too and here she is being pulled in the shopping cart!

We beached it the next day – again, because it was something like 90+ degrees. Sweet Pepita joined us once again.

Do you see her little handicapped feet. Sweet baby.

Then we had dinner at The Little Door. This is a great L.A. restaurant that if you might not know about unless you’re a local. Two locations, but we ate at the one in Santa Monica…great food and stunning interior. If you like duck – I recommend you order that.

My friend, Tina, took me to the Little French Flea Market. This was a major find and if I didn’t tell you about you, there’s no way you would know to visit. You’ll find furniture, trinkets, antiques, trays…clothes…and a whole lot of eclectic treasures just waiting for you. I forget all the things I purchased, so I’m really looking forward to the arrival of my box.

The main reason for our visit was was to attend the wedding of the daughter of one of my best friends in Orange County and on Friday morning, we headed south for wedding festivities. My sweet friend Laura is kind and beautiful and generous, and everything about the next three days was rooted in love. When there is LOVE…everything feels right in the world. I wish y’all could know this special couple because your life would be enriched just like mine was.

There are blessings in each and every encounter and sometimes in Los Angeles with all the busyness of life, it’s easy to overlook them, but since moving to Franklin, I’ve learned to slow down enough to savor these moments. I’ve learned that it’s not the stuff we have or the abundance of choices in what we do…it’s the moments shared with those we love and who love us in return.

Love is the treasure I always bring back with me to Franklin.

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