When You Discover the Very Best Framer!

It's no secret that shopping brings me joy, but I also love getting lost in a great book store; browsing in a hardware store; buying stuff from a stationery store that I don't need and roaming around a great garden center. But you want to know what else I love that is not too easy to find?

I LOVE finding an amazing framer and I want to introduce you to the best of the best and he's right here in Franklin.

(This flag is massive!)

Kevin King, owner of The Barn Door, is hands down the best framer I've ever found and I've had a lot of things framed. I might be a tad biased about Kevin because he's now one of my dear friends, but he started out just framing some things for me when I first moved here.

Kevin and Peggy are Franklin natives and I'm telling you something - you won't meet two better humans. From the very beginning, when I knew no one, they embraced me. The Barn Door became my place for special finds and great gifts. But listen, if you need to have something framed - Kevin is your guy!

You better not miss Christmas at The Barn Door with all the things plus Alpha the Alpaca!

He's not just precise in the art of framing, he also has an artist's eye and can find the perfect frame that somehow makes every piece look like a Monet painting. (I mean not exactly, but he definitely elevates each piece.)

A David Arms print framed with perfection hangs over my fireplace.

Kevin is like finding the perfect tailor for clothing. You know how a tailor and an excellent fit makes all clothing look better no matter where you purchase it? Same with framing. It doesn't matter how small or how large the project, the final work is stunning.

And here's another really great thing. Peggy, has great eye as well, (She remodels The Barn Door constantly and she knows how to put beauty together from the simplest items.) and both she and Kevin take their time with every single customer. Once they know you and understand your colors and what you like, the process of selecting one frame out of hundreds that are available, becomes a walk in the park.

All the gorgeous neutral frames. My favorites.

I don't know about you, but if I'm getting something framed, it's because I love it and it's going to be with me for a long time. I'm not looking for a Big Box Store DIY frame. That's just not my style. I want it done right. And when I pick it up, I want to love it. If I didn't live in Franklin, I would actually travel or find a way for this master artist to frame my treasures.

My first David Arms giclee and Kevin knew exactly how to make it shine. By the way...photographing art is really an art and one that I don't have.

You'll find Kevin and Peggy located in the back half of the store (City Farmhouse is in the front) and you'll also find some treasures like beautiful alpaca pieces from Mistletoe Farms, one-of-a-kind vintage flannels by Franklin Flannels ( I know, shameless plug, but The Barn Door has the exclusive on our shirts in Downtown Franklin); the most beautiful porcelain pieces by Maisie Ceramics (good luck decided on just one piece), gorgeous vintage rugs, placemats, beach wraps and so many carefully curated items.

Clearly this is one of my favorite Franklin places. Just stop by and say you're my friend. They'll be embarrassed if I keep going on and on.

P.S. If you are visiting Franklin, you don't want to miss The Barn Door.

109 S. Margin Street, Franklin...615.794.0089

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