Whatever Happened to Thanksgiving?

Remember when life was slower and easier? Remember when Halloween ended we started getting ready for Thanksgiving? Remember when there was no Black Friday? Remember when we took our time to settle into the coming of winter?

Well here’s the great news…we can! We can’t turn back the clock and we can’t change the media hype…but we don’t have to buy into the hoopla that somehow Thanksgiving…the one day in our calendar set aside to give THANKS becomes a feeding frenzy for early shopping and total craziness.

Nope…we don’t have to do it!

Since moving to Franklin, Tennessee…I’ve slowly been going through my own metamorphosis and truthfully, most of it I wasn’t even aware of, until just recently.

Fall in Franklin is magical…colors the likes of which I have never experienced in my life! Nature beckons me outdoors to soak it all in and I’m trying to imprint it in my brain so that when the dark days of winter arrive, I’ll remember that it won’t last forever.

This year our Thanksgiving will be small…just the three of us and that has never happened before. But you know…I’m looking forward to it. My husband and I will take a hike even if we have to bundle up…the fire will burn…the turkey will cook…the table will be set with my grandmother’s china…candles will burn…and in some ways, it will be the same…just smaller.

I will miss my family – a lot…but I will also spend time loving them from afar.

This year…I’m starting where I am and I’m moving forward. This year, I’m spending more time with my gratitude journal and this year…I’m turning back the clock to simpler times when life wasn’t so complicated.

My favorite photo of Kaitlyn and me. Forever in my heart.

I didn’t move so things would be the same…but it’s so easy to do the same, isn’t it?

I moved for simpler. I moved for something different and it’s never too late to make a decision to do things differently.

Can we make a decision that it’s okay to do less but feel more? Can we decide that the hype is nothing more than hype and we don’t have to be a part of it?

What will you do differently this year? What’s on your gratitude list? I’d love for you to share it below.

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