What’s Up With Real Estate in Williamson County?

Two and a half years ago I moved to Franklin, TN and in retrospect, I knew nothing about our booming community and real estate market. I mean, I had no clue that so many people were flocking to Middle Tennessee. I think I’m lucky to have found our home in such record time.

You can’t pick up a paper or a magazine and not read something about the influx of people moving here from all over the country, and Williamson County is at the top of everyone’s most desired list of places to live.

Aren’t I lucky to be here?

Now why would anyone want to live here?

I’m super honored to have Tina Pierret of The Milam Group as a sponsor of Discovering Franklin. The professionalism and care that The Milam Team brings to real estate is comforting and their attention to every aspect of your move is outstanding. In short…you can trust them to go above and beyond.

Recently I sat down with Tina to get the inside scoop on the real estate market in Williamson County.

Cindy: So Tina…can you please tell me about the crazy real estate market in Williamson County and the Greater Nashville area? I mean…what’s going on?

Tina: We are definitely in a hot market again this year and buyers are frequently facing multiple offer situations. Anyone looking to buy property absolutely needs to be working with an experienced Realtor who also has tried and true methods for getting access to homes that are not yet on the market.

Cindy: I’m going to assume that The Milam Group is able to do just that?

Tina: Yes we are.

809 Walden Dr, Franklin TN 37064 In Chestnut Bend! 4 bdrm/3 full and 1 half bath 3 car garage Call for information

Cindy: As a Franklin resident, I’m interested in how our particular market compares to the rest?

Tina: I’m happy to say we have more than double the inventory compared to the Brentwood area and even triple the amount when compared to the Nolensville, Thompson Station and Spring Hill areas. So folks who want to live in Franklin have a little more breathing room.

This is good news for all my friends who want to move here. Hurry!

Cindy: What makes Williamson County so popular?

Tina: In short, a low cost of living paired with a high quality of life. Our property taxes are among the lowest in the country compared with our peer counties in other states. And the public schools here are consistently ranked top in the state with over half of every tax dollar going to support educating our children. And anyone who’s walked our Main Street in Downtown Franklin immediately understands the allure of life in a quaint, friendly and elegant Southern town.

417 Melba Circle – gorgeous home $799.000

I don’t think I’ve done a good job of keeping my love for Downtown a secret!

Cindy: Okay…the Nitty Gritty details…What can someone looking to buy in Franklin expect to spend?

Tina: There’s actually good news here! Looking at sales in 2016, there have been a handful of 4BR/3BA homes purchased at under $400,000. The average cost this year for a 2300-3300 sq ft home is right under $500,000. The relocating clients I work with are definitely impressed by what their home dollars can get them in Franklin.

419 Green Acres priced to sell at $295,000

I can definitely state for the record that coming from Los Angeles, it’s pretty astounding…and just to set the record straight…Franklin is a gem and a beautiful place to raise a family.

Cindy: So Tina…you didn’t always live in Franklin and you weren’t sure you wanted to. What do you enjoy most about our sweet town?

Tina: I love that question! Well I’ve been a “city girl” for many years and moved here a little reluctantly from Nashville when I got married. But as anyone reading your blog will discover, there’s no lack of places where foodies, fashionistas and eclectic artists can all get their fill. My favorite days are when there’s a festival going on and the whole town comes out to play – what a great life!

5410 Parker Branch Road. Call for details.

It is a great life and truly, there’s something for everyone. I’m still stunned at some of the perceptions of life in Middle Tennessee by people who have never been here, but maybe that’s a good thing, because if everyone knew how great it is…we’d have some problems. Did you miss my Oh The Things People Say? It will give you giggle.

You can reach Tina by going here. I’ve had the great pleasure to get to know this group of dedicated realtors and I can promise – you’ll be in great hands who truly care.

The spectacular Riverside Estate in Forrest Crossing. This home is magnificent.

So as not to cause any issues, the information Tina shared in this article came from The Williamson County Chamber report which is pretty fascinating and you can read it here.

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