What’s to Love About Franklin? Part 1

Some people understand why we left our lifelong home in Los Angeles and moved to Franklin, and others never will. Some of our friends think we’ve lost our minds, but I think we would have lost them if we hadn’t moved.

This photo was taken from Google Images. For whatever reason, I never intentionally photographed the L.A. traffic.

Some of our friends fuss about weather (cuz there is that) and use it as a reason not to visit and others crave the seasons just like I do. A lot of people asked us if we knew it was humid in the summer in the South!

Others say, “It’s too small…it’s too spread out…there’s not enough to do…it’s growing too fast…it’s going to become another Los Angeles,” (I sure hope not!) The responses are interesting for sure!

I’ve heard all of the above from numerous people who have never been anywhere near Franklin. I’m still surprised by the stereotyping across the country. I think we should be a little more careful.

There’s a whole lot to LOVE about Franklin! So come along and I’m going to share with you some the reasons I love it here!

First and foremost Franklin is filled with beauty…everywhere you look…there’s something beautiful. It’s captivating and I LOVE that I can go less than 5 minutes from home and I’m in the country…where corn grows tall and cows lo in the pasture…and horses graze in the field…and barns decorate the landscape.

Wander off the main road in Leiper’s Fork and here’s what awaits you.

I drive past this barn every week.

Beauty, beauty everywhere! I have days when all I want to do is get lost in the beauty.

One day on my walk I discovered this little glen…practically in my backyard.

The sunsets are magical and so different from West Coast sunsets, which are equally magical…just different.

Something about a Southern sunset!

I can’t lie…I do miss this.

There are festivals galore in Franklin! Holidays are a big deal here and everyone gets in on the celebration! You can do that in a historic, small town. Actually it’s the biggest small town you’ll ever find and festivals are so much fun!

Dickens Christmas is so much fun!

I love living in a place where there’s deep history. It’s fascinating to walk at the Carnton Plantation and try to imagine what it was like during the Civil War. It always feels like hallowed ground for me. It’s our 150th Anniversary and if you like history, then check out this site and learn all about the Battle of Franklin. And if you really love Civil War history, may I suggest paying a visit to Franklin the weekend of November 14th for the re-enactment.

Franklin is truly an artist’s paradise. There are painters and sculptors and wood workers…craftsmen and DIYers! (Is that even a word?) And once a month in Historic Downtown Franklin we have an Art Crawl and everyone participates…and you simply walk from shop to shop and view the featured artist’s work.

There’s 4 hour free parking! This is a big deal for me. Parking in Los Angeles is NOT FREE! Now there are parking rules that you should know about. Do not…I repeat DO NOT back your car into a parking space because…for whatever reason…you will get a ticket! I think it’s because we only have license plates on the back of the car, and the police want to see the plate…makes sense.

Have I mentioned music? Well…we’re just a few minutes south of Nashville and there’s music just about everywhere and nope…it’s not just country. There’s plenty of country, but there’s also bluegrass…jazz…blues and you can find just about any kind of music that suits your fancy.

Church steeples adorn the landscape…there are lot of churches in Franklin and for me…that brings comfort.

This is my church, Family Community Church in Brentwood…the Church that Love Built, and when I round the bend and see the steeple, my heart says YES! This photo was taken by Laura Gironda…the very person who told me to check out Franklin.

I don’t want to overwhelm you but stay tuned for Part 2 where I’m going to talk about doing some serious shopping. This is one place you can get into some serious shopping trouble!

What do you love most about Franklin? Please share your thoughts with me.

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