What’s Happening in Franklin, TN?

Or better yet…what’s happening in and around Franklin?

The sun is shining…birds are singing…buds are popping out and it’s a warm weekend. I say y’all get outside and enjoy the sunshine. There will be spring! Maybe it won’t appear in the next week…but I know it’s coming.

This is my cow friend, Walter. He makes me happy. I hope he makes you happy, too. I just love him.

So here’s a few things I want to share that with you that may or may not know.

Because we’ve had a relatively mild winter, it seems that fleas and ticks are making an early appearance. Be sure to protect your pets from these pesky critters. All my pets wear Seresto collars. My doctors at Animalia Wellness recommended them to me along with my groomer. Apparently – and I have no idea about this information, the fleas and ticks have become immune to the topical treatments.

Be sure to check with your Veterinarian, but do make sure they’re protected and don’t forget to ask about the heartworm medicine. Very important!

I’m also told that NOW is the time to get all the leaves out of your garden so the buds can begin popping up. You want to clean out all those yucky layers of leaves. This is my job this weekend. I like to think of this a great cardio workout! How about you? We don’t add mulch until we’ve done our cleaning and planting. My husband is not a fan of the mulching part, but we’ve learned it’s necessary.

Want to learn more about the whole gardening thing? Beginning Thursday, March 3 through March 6, The Nashville Lawn & Garden Show will be at the Fairgrounds. This is the place to ask questions, get inspiration for your own garden and do a little shopping at the vendor marketplace. You can find all details here.

Photo courtesy of Nashville Lawn & Garden Show.

Next weekend, Sunday, March 6 from 7-9pm is Taste of Williamson and if you haven’t been to this – it’s a wonderful event. It’s the kickoff event to Restaurant Week which begins on March 7 and runs through March 12. It takes place at CoolSprings Galleria and you’ll meet chefs, sample food, sip drinks and of course, enjoy musical entertainment. I mean it is Franklin.

This local event is sponsored by Nissan and all proceeds benefit United Way of Williamson County and its partner agencies. All information is available here.

This is a family friendly event so bring the gang and support a great cause while tasting some delicious food.

My inbox is blowing up with announcements about what’s going to be happening in March and next week I’ll bring you all of those updates, so be sure to check back.

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