We Made It!

Through the sadness…the tears…the questions…the doubting…the inner dialogue…the voices yelling at me that I was making a big mistake…we actually made it with all pets in tact and accounted for. Now came the really hard part – unpacking the hundreds of boxes that were about to be unloaded from the moving trucks! Oh Dear God, please help us was all I could say. I had only been to the house twice before in May and this was now August! I didn’t remember much of anything except that the garden was lovely (but when I arrived it looked like a jungle) and the area we would be living in was close to everything.We arrived at 9:00am on Saturday, August 11 just in time to greet the movers. The house was empty – the kind of empty that echoes when you speak. I thought I knew where things were going, but it turns out – I really didn’t know much of anything.

Pray, Cindy and pray some more. And I did.

Dominic was very crabby! He tends to internalize his feelings, but they always find a way to come out and it’s usually NOT PRETTY! Mom was very quiet and I was worried about her. I was crying – AGAIN!

Sassy was running around supervising everyone and the Emmie and Baxter had to be locked in one of the upstairs bedrooms. They were NOT happy either. What had I done?

As boxes and furniture are making their way inside faster than I can figure anything out…suddenly two people come through the front door carrying a beautiful Welcome Basket!

What a beautiful sight!

Talk about a sight for sore eyes! We met Amy and Phil (our new wonderful friends) on Memorial Day when we were driving around looking for places to live and we got lost. I stopped and asked them where I was and the rest is sort of history. Phil is from Michigan and Amy is from Newport Beach, CA ( a fellow Gidget). You couldn’t ask to meet nicer, more thoughtful people if you went on a search. From the time we bought the house in May until the time we moved in, they kept in touch and here they were standing in my kitchen welcoming us to Franklin, Tennessee.

Amy & I sitting on the porch at Carnton Plantation waiting for the concert to begin.(I don’t have a good photo of Phil & Amy together, because I need to improve my camera skills when using my phone.)

Call it the God…or The Universe…or Serendipity – I don’t care what you call it, but we knew we had friends and not just fly by night friends – real, true, lovely, wonderful friends. You’ll hear a lot about Amy and Phil because we spend a lot of time with them. They’ve embraced all of us, including Mom and made her feel welcome every step of the way. I believe that God works in amazing ways and each night when I climb into bed, I’m thankful for Amy and Phil. When they were standing in the kitchen on that first morning, it didn’t matter how many boxes needed unpacking, or where everything would go…

What mattered was that they were there – to meet us and Welcome Us and give us a much needed hug.

Yep…we arrived in a very blessed way. Thank you Amy. Thank you Phil. You will never know what that visit meant to three lost souls from Los Angeles.

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