Waiting Patiently for Spring

I’ve been quiet lately…really quiet…the kind of quiet that almost makes me nervous, because I’m not the quiet type! I’m the girl who likes to talk things through – figure out what’s wrong and then tackle it. I’m not the quiet type.

But I’m amazed at how this winter has affected me; how complete uncertainty has thrown me for a loop…how wondering every day if I was ever going to see the sun again, or if I was dripping my pipes properly, or was it going to be too icy for my mom to drive ,or why the washing machine wouldn’t go on in the morning, (oh right…the pipe was frozen), or truthfully if my garden will ever be green again?

My garden in the spring

I think about these things a lot and I’m amazed at how daily frigid cold weather has affected me.

I wanted to hibernate and be like a bear. Really…wake me when the sun is shining and the birds are singing and the buttercups are blooming! That’s what I’m ready for.

Wake me when this is happening!

We haven’t had it easy this winter, but a lot of other people have had it way worse. It’s just that we’re not used to this. Local “Franklinites” tell me that this is NOT normal. But you know what? I already knew that, because in my extensive research, the Polar Vortex was NOT part of the weather forecast. Who ever thought a Polar Vortex would make it to Middle Tennessee.

A Polar Vortex is a big adjustment for a California Girl, but the best was yet to come. On January 8 we had a flood in our house and two weeks later we had to replace our heating and air conditioning system. We were not expecting this and I have to say, when waterfalls are coming into your house from somewhere within your walls and you don’t know how to turn off the water… it’s a bit unsettling. But here’s the thing – it could have been a whole lot worse. Today, I have beautiful new floors that have changed the entire look and feel of our house. I have heat that works and the temperature is above 56 degrees inside.

I’m here and I’m still standing and once again, I’m learning that I’m stronger than I thought. Discovering Franklin is not just about visiting new places…it’s also about discovering ME!

I’m meeting some of the most wonderful people who have welcomed me with open arms and I’m beyond grateful. The first time you get an invitation in the mail from a new friend is a big deal! Who knew?

In the dead of winter, I took time to reflect…started letting go of control…tried to stop pushing so hard and ever so slowly, I’m learning to flow. That’s hard for me, but I’m learning. I’m embracing my work more and I’ve finally honored that what I do is a gift for someone else. That was hard for me, too. I’m learning to listen to my inner voice. So many things I’ve learned in the last six months all inspired by our move, but also the seasons. I’m understanding Emerson and Whitman more because I’m experiencing the true meaning of seasons.

Yes…I’m ready for spring. I’m ready for chirping birds, warm breezes, green grass, horses without coats, buttercups and green in my garden.

Want to join me here?

I’m ready..but before spring comes, I’m headed to Los Angeles for a visit with my girl, Kaitlyn, my family and my friends and they have no idea how excited I am to see them. Absolutely no idea!

The last time we were together in our house. So excited to see them. Sorry it’s small…had to grab it off Facebook.

And…I can’t wait to have the sun shine on my face and walk along the beach. I think I’m awakening from my hibernation!

How has this winter made you feel? What has winter taught. Leave a comment and please share.


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