Things People Say!

Sometimes the things people say amaze me! But since moving to Franklin, Tennessee, I’ve heard some pretty crazy things come out of people’s mouths. Apparently, there’s a lot of mis-information about Middle Tennessee.

So on this Wednesday as we prepare for another round of snowfall…I’d thought I’d add a little levity to your day. Are you ready? These are in no particular order, but I swear, each one of them has been said. The photos are from my perspective…the comments from those who don’t know.

“What do you do all day to entertain yourself?”

One of our favorite places to just sit and inhale the beauty.

“Are you just sitting on your front porch watch the world go by?”

” Do they have regular nail polish colors in Tennessee?”

“Where do you go to get a facial?” (Right up there with nail polish colors!)

“Can you get regular food in Franklin?” (Huh?)

Not sure it this is considered regular food or not.

Is this regular food?

“It’s quite civilized!” (Oh the things people say!)

“You know that it gets humid in the South.” (No…really?)

And when it’s humid, we cruise down the river!

“You have quite a sophisticated highway system!”

“Is it cold in your house?” (Seriously…is it cold in my house?)

Warm inside…cold outside.

“Are you cold when you go outside?” (Only if I forget to put my clothes on!)

To my daughter, someone asked if I still had all my teeth! (No…no dentists in Franklin.)

“Are there any decent restaurants there?”

It depends upon what your idea of good food is. Kayne Prime is pretty out of this world. Photo courtesy of Kayne Prime.

“Do people graduate from or even go to college in Tennessee?” (Clearly they don’t know that we have 24 colleges and Universities in Middle Tennesse alone!)

And finally…my absolute favorite…the comment that pushed me to write this post…Ready? Here it comes….

“Are you able to get the Academy Awards there?” (I’m not kidding…they can watch in Afghanistan, but not Franklin!)

Is it funny? Yes…sort of. But on a bigger scale – it’s sort of sad. What we don’t know – we critique and form uneducated opinions, and then we say things that aren’t cool at all!

I used to defend Franklin and I would get insulted, and now I just recommend a Google search and explain that Hee Haw was television show.

I know many of you have moved here from major cities and I’m guessing you’ve heard similar comments. I’d love it if you’d share your stories in the comment section below.

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