The Sounds of Franklin

Almost a year ago I left Los Angeles to discover a new way of life…a simpler way…an easier way…a more peaceful way…and learning how to live this way has come with some huge challenges but also some big bonuses…

The Sounds of Franklin are new and fresh and lovely.

It took me a while to get used to the nighttime darkness and quiet…like pitch black -like you can’t see your hand in front of your face black..and only sounds from the animals that fly at night…

But also with skies filled with stars that you just don’t see in the city.

I no longer hear police helicopters flying overhead…or the freeway during rush hour…or the general noise that accompanies big cities.

I wake up now to songbirds at the crack of dawn…sometimes earlier than I’d like and all day they take turns at the feeder singing their little hearts out. The bird feeder is home to cardinals, robins, chickadees (maybe the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time) and blue birds!

I have a new family of blue birds living in one of the birdhouses in my yard. I wish I could show you the babies, but I don’t dare come close. For now, I listen for them at meal times – which seems to be all day.

Did you know that blue birds mate for life? I love that.

There’s a whole lot of activity inside this little house, but I have to wait until Mama and Daddy are not around. We intended to paint this part of the fence, but we have to wait until the babies take flight.

I hear children playing in the back alley…games like hop scotch…four square…and tag…the simple games we used to play when I was little.

Remember those days?

I don’t remember when I last heard a siren…or even a bus…especially now that the school bus doesn’t pick up the kids at the end of block.

Often I can hear the hot air balloons flying over our house…

I swear it was going to land on our street it was so close!

If sunsets made sounds – they’d sound like fire.

Each night I go outside in the darkness – and listen for the Screech Owl that lives across the street…and he never disappoints.

He and his little friend across the way have a conversation. While outside, I watch the fireflies light up my yard. They don’t make any noise but they sure put on a show!

I hear the wind rustling through the trees… and of course, the crashing of the thunder that precedes the lightning and then the rain…Always the rain.

The sounds of Franklin fill me with inspiration. I feel more connected to nature here. I’ve learned to slow down and just BE…and if you know me then you know this is big change. (Well…I’m trying to slow down and just be.)

But I know this…when you get out of the city, you have no choice to but to savor the abundance of nature’s blessings right in front of you.

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