The Simplest DIY Pumpkin Hack

Y’all know that I’m new to the whole world of DIY, and I still get nervous about sharing my “little projects” with you. Trust me…they’re little and always easy, but this project might be the simplest thing I’ve ever done. Fall decorating is in full swing at my house, but have you noticed the price of pumpkins lately? I don’t even want to tell you what I spent last year on those little miniature pumpkins and most of them needed to be replaced because they rotted. What’s a girl to do? The simplest DIY pumpkin hack ever!

My house is mostly neutrals except for my living room where orange clashes, so I prefer to use white miniature pumpkins, but I don’t have time to travel from store to store looking for the best price. I nestle them into the garlands anyway so they’re often hidden on the mantle. 

 It’s my dining room that creates the biggest challenge for me because it’s all grey and taupe. This year I didn’t want orange. 

When wandering the aisles of Hobby Lobby searching for neutral colored fall decorations (good luck with that) I had a light bulb moment. Spray paint! Yep…spray paint (which by the way, I’ve never used before.) I know, seriously. 

I could purchase a few bags of fake gourds and pumpkins and spray paint them. Since they were all 50% off I figured what the heck. Good rationale don’t you think? You can get these gourds at any number of places like Michaels or even the Dollar Store and they should all be on sale now.

I picked up three bags and went in search for the right spray paint. I just told you I’ve never spray painted anything so this was an adventure, but thanks to Pinterest, I had been made aware of the Krylon Chalk Finish Spray Paint and decided on Colonial Ivory because white would well…you know…be too white.

Here’s what I did…

Lined the garage floor with newspaper. 

Laid out the little pumpkins and gourds.

Shook the can for about 2 minutes – always follow directions.

Started spraying. As they dried, I turned them and sprayed the other side.

Waited 20 minutes for them to dry and voila…chalky ivory pumpkins and gourds.

So easy and more importantly – effective.

The cost of my DIY Pumpkin Hack was about $24…a big difference from purchasing the real ones.

I think I’m loving spray paint and now my family is a little nervous. Check back soon as I share more of my fall interior with you.

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