The Search for the Perfect Vet!

I think I’ve established that moving is stressful, but moving across the country…now that’s a whole other story. When you’re in the throws of packing, selling your house, planning and (romanticizing your new life), ignoring the things that keep showing up for you and trying to figure out what you’re doing…it’s really easy to forget about doctors you’ll leave behind, the dentist you’ve gone to for years and where you’ll take your animals to the Vet! At least, that’s pretty much what I did.

Our animals are very important to us and they are, in fact, a part of our family. They don’t live outside and truth be told…they are pampered and spoiled. Finding the perfect Vet to take care of their needs was very important to us. We got some recommendations, but I wasn’t super excited. I don’t really know what I was looking for, but yesterday…I found the place…the most amazing Veterinary office I’ve ever seen. (And I loved our Vet in Los Angeles.) But this is like something out of a fairy tale, a haven for animals.

I drove past it for several months on my way to Lieper’s Fork and I finally made an appointment just to see…a meet and greet if you will.

Welcome to Animalia…the most beautiful, attentive place for pets I’ve ever seen…all 7 acres of it! Seven acres of land for pets to romp and play!

Playground for doggies.

The walkway to the main entrance.

I love the fact that these doctors practice integrative as well as traditional medicine. There is NO animal smell except for on the lawn where Sassy found lots of smells.

I love that everyone is so friendly and they take their time with you and I especially love that it felt like home from the moment we arrived. And…Sassy loved it too!

As you can see, Sassy is NOT scared.

Checking out the dog on the other side of the sliding door!

We saw Dr. Turner, a lovely woman with kindest voice and gentlest touch. She came into the room (that didn’t look anything like an examination room) and sat on the floor so she could be close to Sassy. Nothing felt rushed even though there were lots of other dogs in the waiting area.

And Animalia also fulfills my need to shop! The boutique is filled with the unique collars, leashes, bathing supplies (I actually wanted some for me!) and anything else that could make your pet happy and healthy.

Too much to choose from!

Cats have not been omitted and our next visit will be with Emmie and Baxter. This will be the true test.

This kind of looks like Emmie and how she feels about a visit to the doctor.

A big part of Discovering Franklin is finding the places that make us feel like we’re home…like we have trusted, safe places to go – and Animalia is now our PLACE for our babies. I’m sure there are lots of amazing veterinarians in Franklin, but I’ve just got to say…if you want to have a wonderful experience taking your animal to the doctor, I would strongly recommend that you check out Animalia.

Now…I have to find a doctor and dentist for me. Any suggestions?

Share your thoughts below and if you know of a great doctors, I’d love to hear from you.

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