The Perfect Franklin Weekend!

There are so many best parts about this past week-end that I barely know where to begin…

The best part of living in a new place is that friends and family want to come and visit because we realize that now live a million miles away from anyone who has ever been in our life. And because we also know that not everyone can just hop on a plane and come for a visit…so when it’s actually happens…it’s cause for some major celebrating.

Another best part is that there’s always something fun to do because everything still feels new!

But right now…another best part is that fall is putting quite a bountiful show and it’s happening everywhere! Seriously…it’s the best kind of eye candy!

But back to family making the trip to Franklin…because that’s exactly what happened this past weekend. Dominic’s cousin, Frank and his wonderful wife, Sherri, drove down from Chicago and spent a few days with us.

I don’t think they know what a gift this was for us! May I share a little secret? My heart was doing a happy dance during their entire visit. I keep telling you I’m little bit goofy sometimes.

And to top it all off, this past weekend in Franklin was about as perfect as it gets…warm days (actually a little warm for fall – in the high 70’s) with cool nights…brilliant sunshine and billowy clouds…

Pumpkinfest in Downtown Franklin…

There were tens of thousands of people at Pumpkinfest this year, but this is the photo I love the most…this little baby dressed up as a little mermaid sitting in front of The Great Pumpkin is just the BEST!

An afternoon spent in magical Leiper’s Fork…

If you come to visit me…you’re definitely going to visit the David Arms Gallery.

Another afternoon of wine, music and Italian food (like the real deal Italian food from Chicago) at Arrington Vineyards…

Great award-winning wines at Arrington Vineyards!

A great picture of my husband…

This is the view when you picnic at Arrington Vineyards…sigh!

A drive along the Natchez Trace which, right now, is showing off fall splendor like you can’t even imagine…

The view from the top of the bridge at Natchez Trace Parkway.

I told you it was fall splendor!

A stop off at Loveless Cafe for a little bacon shopping because you can’t leave here with some bacon… and then a final afternoon of lunching and shopping in 12 South in Nashville.

If you have guests coming to visit you in Franklin, this is a pretty great weekend line-up of activities without a lot of pressure.

So that’s what we did…but it doesn’t begin to describe the warmth, joy and love we felt in our hearts for three perfect days!

This is the exact place where we sat and we knew that we had to come here.

One of the greatest lessons for me in this move is that I’ve been forced to be lonely on more than one occasion. It comes with the territory, so if you’re thinking of moving, just know that this is going to happen, but also that it will be okay. But in those lonely times, I’ve also learned to fully embrace my friendships, whether near or far away and in that embrace…I’ve come to appreciate the value of love and light that each one brings to my life.

It’s too easy to take things for granted. Sometimes our ship goes off course…and it takes big life lessons to right it again.

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