The Magic of David Arms

There are a few times in my life when I have been completely swept away and overwhelmed by talent and beauty. Last May when Dominic and I came to Franklin to see if we liked it here, one of the stops I knew I had to make was beautiful Lieper’s Fork – a tiny town just outside of Franklin. It wasn’t just the town that I wanted to see, specifically, it was The David Arms Gallery. Located in an exquisitely restored barn, the gallery is the first place you see as you enter Lieper’s Fork. I’ve followed David Arms’ work for a while now, but I had no idea what would happen to me upon entering the barn. I walked in and was immediately overtaken by tears – beautiful tears of joy to be in the presence of his amazing work. You can’t describe it. You must experience it. The art is inspired by God and nature (God’s canvas), and you can feel it in every part of your being when you are witness to the grace with which the paintings are created. Dominic said to me when we left the gallery that he felt David Arms “didn’t paint with brushes…he paints with his soul.” I think so, too. I’ve since told him this in person (what an honor to meet this humble, kind and vibrant man) that he was partly responsible for our decision to move to Franklin.

Our first visit to The David Arms Gallery.

Last night was a gallery showing and we went. The positive energy and peace you feel when you’re inside the gallery is almost impossible to describe. It’s equally as beautiful at night when it’s lit up and the fire pit is going, and David Arms and his lovely family are inside greeting their guests.

Last night in Lieper’s Fork

It’s the little details that make things so special. Lovely bouquets of roses on all the outside tables.

Such a kind face.

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