The Long Good-bye…

It’s taken me almost two weeks to write this. Oh…I’ve tried, but the tears usually take over and I can’t finish because I can’t see the words through my tears. I feel a bit stronger now about sharing this roller coaster ride of emotions. We left Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 6 at about 9:30 in the morning. Because I found amazingly efficient movers out of Nashville, they loaded us up a day early, so our plans changed a bit and on our last night in Valley Village, we slept on the floor in blow-up mattresses – and that includes my Mom! The house was totally empty except for a few chairs from my kind neighbor, a card table and the blow up mattresses. This was not a good way to spend your last night in the home you’ve lived in your whole life. Thanks to my beautiful daughter, my dear friend and our special L.A. realtor, we had company and dined on In-N-Out Burger and shared a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne generously provided by our realtor. I will always love Dom and my realtor for caring about us.

Dom out of plastic glasses…somehow not the same, but greatly appreciated nonetheless.

It was a sleepless night. I tossed and turned all night long. The morning is all a blur except I remember it being so sad. I couldn’t say good-bye to Kait. It was impossible. We were so conflicted as we loaded up the cars with extra stuff…our two cats and our dog. (More about traveling with cats across the United States.) How do you say good-bye to lifetime of memories contained under one roof? How do you turn your back and leave? You cry and a lot. I kept looking out the rear view of the car and hoping that my family and friends were right behind…that we were all caravaning across the country, but that didn’t happen. I am so grateful for my friends who called us along the way just to check in. We felt loved and it felt good. Throughout the four days that it took us to drive 1,999.5 miles, I prayed for grace and strength and courage to get through this. My friend sent me this two days before I left Los Angeles and I still can’t read it without crying.

“God, pour out your blessings and protection on Cindy and Dominic as they make this move. Bless them with friendship and love and acceptance. Keep Kaitlyn safe and let her know you are with her always.”


Talking about moving across the country and actually doing it are two totally different things, and as I write this almost three weeks later, I’m still crying and I’m praying for continued grace and guidance.

I know the reasons we moved. There were a lot of them. I know what we saw the first time we visited Franklin, TN and I know that we WILL find our way and our place, but sitting at my desk today, I’m still raw and awash with emotions. We’ll be okay. When I look at this photo – I’m reminded of why we said YES to Franklin. When you sit in this place in Lieper’s Fork (just outside of Franklin), it’s as if God is sitting right in front of you.

The most breathtaking view in the special town of Lieper’s Fork.

There are lots of funny stories to share, especially about cats and cars and road trips, but today I had to get this one out so I could breathe a bit easier and write with more freedom. I’d love to read your comments, so take a moment and let me know your thoughts.

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