Taking a Road Trip to Bluegrass Country

A few weeks ago on a Sunday, I was watching The Titans lose (boo) and catching up on some magazine reading and there it was…

I looked at my husband and said, “We’re going here and soon!”

I love whirly, twirly falling leaves…expansive grasslands..horses grazing in pastures… winding country roads…miles of fences… crisp fall mornings and afternoons and time with my husband to slow down and take in the beauty.

Plus… I’m going to find a way to swallow bourbon…because when you’re in bourbon country…you have to try.

If I can’t drink bourbon…the barrels make for great photos.

We’re staying at a Bed & Breakfast in the midst of horse country and I may never leave.

I’ll be sharing this with y’all soon but you can always follow our adventures on Instagram.

On a totally random note, do you ever struggle taking care of your mums? Me too. My friend Tammy has apparently found the way to keep her mums from dying and she’s sharing her tips with you.

I want you to know how honored I am that you spend part of your days with me. I know we might not have met but I love your comments and I’m grateful. Thank you from my heart.

I’ve got some exciting things coming up in the near future and you’ll be the first to know about them.

Happy Fall Y’all from Lexington, Kentucky!

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