Take a Walk Through Downtown Franklin

It’s days like today when the air is fresh after a big rain…the skies are the bluest blue you’ve ever seen…the breeze is blowing and well..the outdoors is just calling my name and I somehow find a way to leave my computer and go…

And often I don’t know where I’m going but these days always take me somewhere fun.

Today it was a walk through the neighborhoods of Downtown Franklin…such a magical, historical place to live. What’s so lovely is that Franklin is very pristine with quiet streets but the feeling of a hustle and bustle in Downtown. But it’s hustle and bustle with calm. Does that make sense?

One of Franklin’s historical treasures.

Another one of my favorites…

Today I took a stroll. It was warm and almost balmy for an October day…but it felt so good to just walk with no destination in mind.

Just pretty…

I’m pretty sure this house is my favorite. I could sit and look at it all day.

Hello…may I sit on your porch please…

But then I got distracted because where there used to be a candy store there’s now Tin Cottage…and as much as I love candy…I much prefer this delightful addition to the Franklin scene.

I’m pretty sure you know how the rest of this story goes. I went inside just to look around but I did not leave empty-handed. Here’s a little bit of inspiration from Tin Cottage…kind of a must stop on your next Franklin shopping adventure.

The things you can do with cotton!

An eclectic blend of goodies.

On on the way back to my car…

I almost stepped on this stone but then I stopped and took it in.

I love steeples soaring into the sky…

That’s a little touch of Franklin…my new home. I hope you liked it. I think I’m lucky.

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