Sunday Drives in Franklin, TN

When you live in Los Angeles, you’ll do anything to avoid driving regardless of the time of day.

I’ve been known to have driven to the airport at 5:45am in traffic! Now that’s crazy!

But here in Franklin, Tennessee driving is NOT a stressor. (Truth be told, folks who have lived here a lot longer than I have, are not happy about the growth here, but this L.A. transplant is not experiencing traffic rage! New term!)

Yesterday was one of those glorious spring days when the air is warm…the breeze is blowing…the sky is filled with billowy white clouds and the country just calls your name.

My husband and I headed out with no destination in mind…just a drive in the convertible to see where we ended up. (I’m pretty happy we didn’t end up in Alabama!)

You can feel that summer is just around the corner, but yesterday the air was balmy and the wind was blowing through my hair…

And it was just one of those days when you’re so happy to be alive!

Here’s what we discovered on our drive…

I just love barns and there’s more coming about barns!

This beauty came over to the fence and nuzzled my face!


Not sure where this bridge went…but I wanted to jump the fence and find out.

Yep…it’s green!

I’ve never seen so many shades of green and when the green is lining the banks of a stream…you can’t help but slow down and relax a bit.

I love the horses and cattle grazing together in the pasture.

And when we came home from our sweet drive to nowhere…the hollyhock finally decided it was time to put on a show.

Oh how I love these flowers.!

That was my Sunday…just a simple drive with my husband and the bounty and beauty of nature here in lovely Franklin. I wish you could have seen it with us.

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