Summer Lawn Woes?

I have to say that this California girl is NOT used to this heat or maybe it’s the humidity! I love summer storms, but can definitely do with a little less humidity. And when it’s this hot, there are also summer lawn woes. Do you have them too, because apparently it’s a thing!

You might remember that Pure Green Lawn Care takes care of all my lawn and garden needs and I LOVE this company, but even still, my lawn is not loving this heat either. I wilt. It gets tired.

I went outside the other day only to find some nasty brown spots on my lawn. It has a long name, but it’s commonly known as Brown Patch. I sent a photo to Pure Green and that same day, they were out treating my lawn.

Talk about customer care!


Every day…things are improving in spite of this crazy heat wave we’re having. I thought maybe I could help you with your summer lawn woes too, so I jumped on the phone with Nathan, owner of Pure Green. 

Me: So what it is it about Middle Tennessee and lawns?

Nathan: We live in the hardest place in the country to grow lawn next to the desert! (In my opinion.) And there you have it from the expert’s mouth. 

Here’s why…We live in what the Department of Agriculture calls the Transition Zone, which means that deciding which type of grass to even plant is challenging let alone the difficulty in keeping it healthy. 

Fescue grass is the most popular because if properly cared for, it stays green for 9 -10 months a year…but…it doesn’t like super hot weather. Fescue is what the pros call “cool season grass.” Brown Patch becomes a challenge when it’s super hot. I had that. 

Bermuda grass loves this hot weather, but it will only stay green for about 5 months a year. 

So what do you do?

Summer Lawn Woes and Watering

Advice from Nathan…

Did you know that watering is an art? No? Me either. 

Most lawn in normal summer weather requires 1 inch of water per week. Great. How do you figure this out?

Grab a tuna or cat food can and set it in your yard. Check it regularly and when it’s full, that’s an inch. If you have an irrigation system, this is easy. If you hand water, place the can where it’s sure to collect water. 

When it’s super hot, like NOW…fescue would like to have 2 inches of water a week. Morning and evening – never in the middle of the day.

See…watering is an art and you have to do it or your lawn is going to have big troubles.


Why Use a Lawn Service?

I used a previous company who wasn’t terribly good with the whole “we care about our customer” thing. Pure Green is the opposite. In my experience – they are without a doubt the most efficient, knowledgeable and caring company out there, plus they are absolutely cost competitive.

They’re responsive and the men who service your yard are friendly and knowledgeable. 

They also use organic products so there is no harm to animals. This matters a lot to me. 

Pure Green frees up your time. Do you really have time to add your lawn’s needs (and they differ ever month) to your ‘to-do’ list? 

They keep you on a timely schedule.

They anticipate the problem before it arises and they are pro-active. If you’re like we are…you don’t see or even know about the problem until BAM…it’s already happened. 

They make sure to be on your property ever 5-7 weeks, but if a problem arises, you simply call them and they’re on their way. 

I want you to know that this is NOT a sales pitch. I really want to save you a lot of aggravation because in 2 1/2 years…we’ve had a lot of lawn woes. Give Pure Green a call and find out for yourself. 

On a final note, Mr. Dominic is much happier that he doesn’t have to do all this stuff. It’s a good thing. 

If you have lawn questions, leave a comment below and I’ll see if I can get them answered for you.

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