Spring…Sun and Taking It Outside

This is my third spring in Franklin, Tennessee, and the first time I’ve really experienced the fullness of springtime in the South. Yes…there most definitely was spring on the calendar, but it only seemed to last about 2 weeks at the most, and then it felt like summer. This year – it’s all different and I don’t know about you, but I’m loving it!

The Bradford Pears have turned from white to green…the red bud, too…but the dogwoods are blooming everywhere and truthfully, they’re my favorites. I might be crazy, but I’m pretty sure the songbirds are singing louder and longer this year…yep…spring is putting on quite a show this year.

Pink dogwoods…Sigh!

And with that…it’s seriously time to get outside! It doesn’t really matter what you do…just do it outside!

I plan to get my germinated seeds in the garden this weekend. I know…it might still freeze, but hey…they’re just seeds and I can start again, right? Sadly, my cat has decided she likes to sleep in seedlings that are becoming plants, and I think the heirloom carrots might already be a goner.

Of all the cozy places to sleep…she likes my little plants!

Just like fall…spring brings events and a lot of them and you can’t do everything. I tried and it doesn’t work because you end up just burning out on activities. In my quest to slow down a bit, I now plan ahead and never feel like I’ve missed out on anything.

For your consideration…here are a few of my top picks you might want to add to your calendar.

If you love excellent theatre and incredible music (and that is NOT an exaggeration) , then get tickets to The Ray Legacy currently playing in Jamison Hall at The Factory through May 1. This is a theatrical concert tribute to the great Ray Charles. I can’t wait to go on April 22. Seriously, if you’ve never seen one of their productions, you’re in for a real treat and a fabulous evening of off the chart music.

This video gives me chills.

Have you ever experienced a Civil War Battle Reenactment? It’s pretty fascinating. Tomorrow, April 16, you can head to King’s Chapel in Arrington. I’m not going to lie…I don’t know a lot about this, but I do know that seeing a reenactment gives you a birds eye view into the Civil War. For all details go here. Tickets are limited.

This photo is borrowed from the website.

When you finish at King’s Chapel…head on over to Arrington Vineyards for a little Music in the Vines, a true Middle Tennessee treasure.

Have you ever been to The Country Living Fair? This is the second year it’s making its way to Nashville, and it’s fun, y’all! Go see for yourself the pages of Country Living Magazine come to life. Mark your calendar for April 22 – 24. It’s a joy and filled with treasures and demonstrations from all your favorite bloggers, designers and vendors. Info here.

Party on Main Street in Downtown Franklin for the annual Main Street Festival, April 23-24. This is a free event and features live music, an array of international food, artists and vendors from all over the South to share their talents. Now here’s the thing…they’re expecting 120,000 visitors to our tiny town and y’all…that’s a lot of visitors. My tips for enjoying this day. Come early or later in the afternoon. Do not arrive mid-day or you might spend your precious time looking for parking. Leave your pets at home! Bring a folding stroller for easy maneuvering.

Use the offsite parking and take the shuttle. Offsite parking will be available at Church of the City and Harlinsdale Farm on Saturday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. and at Franklin High School and Harlinsdale Farm on Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Shuttles will service each location for $1 each way/ each person. Food, drink, pets, and non-folding strollers are not allowed on the shuttle. You’ll make your life so much easier.

Be prepared for crowds. It’s friendly and everyone is there to have a good time. Be patient and enjoy the fact that in a world where everything costs an arm and a leg…Main Street Festival is free.

All details are here.

What are your plans for April 30th? I’m hosting an all day retreat for the ladies on a horse farm just outside of Franklin. If you want to recharge your year or your life…then this just might be perfect for you and a friend. Check it out and if you have questions, please send me an email and ask away.

And if you want to just get away from everything…gas up your car and head out to parts unknown. Go explore the beauty of Middle Tennessee because there’s beauty around every corner. I love nothing more than getting in the car with the top and seeing where we end up. Discovering Franklin without a plan or an end in mind is one a perfect way to spend a day. Not much better than a winding country road. Sometimes it’s okay to GET LOST!

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