Southern Things

Each part of the country carries with it certain stereotypes.

There’s a tendency to put people and places into a box when we don’t fully understand the cultural differences.

God knows…there’s a WHOLE LOT of stereotypes about The South!

And some of them are…your IQ is tainted if you speak with a Southern accent. (Tell that to Mark Twain, William Faulkner, Margaret Mitchell or Dr. Maya Angelou.)

No one graduates from college…okay…University of Virginia, Duke, Vanderbilt, University of North Carolina…just to name a few.

No one works hard here…well…there’s a reason Atlanta and Nashville are boom towns.

I could go on and on and on…but you get my drift.

I’ve learned a lot about folks in the South since moving here 10 months ago. Folks are nice…for the most part, genuinely nice. They look you in the eye and ask you how your day is going. Yep…true Southerners say Yes Ma’am and No Sir . It’s just manners and manners matter. Southerners also say “Please” and “Thank You,” and they make friends in the grocery check out line!

We spend a lot of time outside in the garden and in nature….hiking, kayaking, canoeing, bike riding, fishing, hanging out by the lake, walking the dog, and even at outdoor concerts.

Neighbors are neighborly and they believe in helping each other out, no matter what.

God is a part of every day life and I like that. Businesses are closed on Sundays because it’s family day.

Food tastes yummy…but you shouldn’t eat a lot of it. And, YES…there is bacon.

Bourbon is king!

Y’all instead of You All or You Guys…it all means the same thing.

Everyone drives long distances to go to the beach, but no one cares.

Community and public service are part of everyday life.

Southerners love yard sales and parades and craft fairs…and they mow their own lawns.

They don’t care if it rains…in fact they love it because everything gets greener.

They don’t sweat the small stuff.

People make things with their hands and the kitchen has sweet memories for just about everyone.

Southerners love a good story and all the details that accompany it.

Yep…they do like to sit on the porch and drink sweet tea and visit with friends and family!

There IS such a thing as Southern hospitality.

There are men named Bubba…I know one!

Folks take their time and it doesn’t mean their slow…they just know how to slow down!

And there’s a whole lot more, but the thing I’ve noticed the most is that men, women and children are self sufficient. They know how to get things done and they help each other. They’re not complainers or whiners…they just get it done! When weather threatens, they hunker down and find a way through it. They have internal fortitude. They’re strong people and most live their lives rooted in faith. They genuinely care about how you are and if they say they’ll do something…they mean it and their word is good.

It’s very different than where I grew up…it’s an adjustment…I like it and I’m learning to slow down…take my time and love the RAIN!

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