Sometimes You Have to do Hard Things

It’s true…sometimes you have to do hard things and this is one of those times. You might have noticed that I haven’t shown up in your inbox recently and it’s not because my delivery system is broken or because I’ve run out of things to say. If you know me, then you are well aware that I seldom run out of things to say! 😘

It’s because once again my life and this journey that I’m on has changed. I’m having a hard time actually writing this next statement. I have to put Discovering Franklin on hold for awhile. (By the way, crocodile tears are flowing as I write this, so please don’t think I arrived at this decision lightly.)

Y’all have spent a lot of time with me and I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am that you’ve allowed me into your life. I don’t take it lightly and in truth…my little blog saved my life the first couple of years here in Franklin. I’ve loved meeting you and sharing all my discoveries with you along the way, and I especially love when you come up to me in Downtown Franklin and say hello. It thrills me.

Do you remember when I introduced you to Franklin Flannels…the up-purposed shirts that my husband creates? And do you remember that this showed up completely out of the blue? If you missed that post here it is again.

Well…it’s taken off and my husband really needs me to help with this business. Turns out there’s a lot more to do than we ever dreamed possible? It’s exciting to watch it grow while still in its infancy. This is a good thing for us, really and right now we’re gearing up for the fall. Picture us up to our eyeballs in flannel shirts in this heat and humidity.

You also know that I coach women about how to live courageously, maintain balance and design lives worth talking about and I really LOVE that part of my life. If I won the lottery I would still do this work.

And…I’m writing a book, which continuously gets moved to the back burner because of all the other things that must get done each day.

The truth is that I’m not superwoman and I can’t do so many things at one time. At least I can’t do them well, so I had to make a hard decision. I’m not shutting the blog down, because I still want to bring you special stories and great places to go,and I want to continue to share my experiences with you, but I won’t be showing up as often. Franklin is getting a lot of press these days, so I’m pretty sure you can find out all that’s happening.

But listen…if you have a question or you want to know something from a non-journalistic perspective, please feel free to get in touch me. You can email me here and I promise to get back to you.

If you’re interested in learning more about my work with women, I’d love to have you join me over here. I think my best stuff lives in this space.

I host a women’s group at my home once a month. It’s small and intimate and if you’re want to learn more, please email me and I’ll send you details. This group is NOT on my website so you have to email me directly.

This is really hard for me and I was advised to just sort of disappear, but that’s not my style. I’m so very grateful for all the kindness and support that you’ve give me these past three years. God has shown me the kindness of strangers and I’ve fallen in love with Franklin. I’m beyond blessed. I’ll check in from time to time. I will still be sharing on my and we can hang out there if you want to.

So for now…please wish me luck on my new adventure with my husband. God plopped this into our laps and now it’s up to us to follow His lead.

Blessings and peace to you.

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