Romping With Alpacas!

Have you ever hugged an aplaca? Me either, but I have now…plus…I got to spend an entire morning with 45 of them!

Talk about a wonderful adventure!

Here’s the thing about alpacas…they have the ability to make you revert back to childhood!

They’re just kind of magical creatures.

I visited Mistletoe Farm Alpacas with my daughter, Kaitlyn and we had no idea how these animals were going to impact us.

Be advised: Alpacas are herd animals and you won’t be leaving with just one!

As we learned…alpacas will literally die if they are all alone.

I’d never thought about alpacas much…but I learned a lot about them.

They are 100% green. There’s no killing. ( I especially like that part.) Leanne uses all of their fleece to spin and weave masterpieces. Their manure is used for gardening. Birds use the fleece remnants for their nests..there are no allergens and they’re fleece is six times warmer than wool! No wonder my head didn’t get cold this winter!

Not to mention…they are an absolute riot to watch. They romp and jump and play like babies.

And there were babies…a two-day old baby name LOVE. Her Mama’s name is Grace and her two sisters are Faith and Hope.

There was another baby that was born on Easter and her name is Easter Violet. Can you stand it?

Here they are together. Love is all brown and Easter Violet has a brown and white face.

Then there are Leanne’s beautiful creations. She is a self-taught spinner and weaver and her unique pieces are exquisite. Not only does she spin and weave but she also dyes her own yarn with all natural products from nature. I’ll bet you didn’t know that when you use lichen to dye yarn, it comes out pink!

She teaches felting classes, but you really must see her exquisite pieces. You’ll find hats, scarves, baby and children’s clothes, blankets, decorative pieces…it’s all here.

Kaitlyn did NOT leave empty-handed.

Her studio is on the farm and you can purchase from her there or visit her website and find out where she’s showing next. You can find some of her things at The Barn Door in Downtown Franklin.

Leanne spinning the yarn.

I have a table runner in my home that my husband gave me for Christmas and it’s one of my true treasures.

You probably know by now that I’m not a do-it-yourself kind of girl, but I sure do get excited when I discover someone as talented as Leanne.

I can’t wait for my next visit to Mistleltoe Farm Alpacas. It’s one of those places here in Franklin, Tennessee that just makes me happy.

If you decide to visit Leanne and Tom and their herd of alpacas…tell them Discovering Franklin sent you.

Oh…and bring your camera and your most childlike attitude…cuz you’re going to love it!

I really wanted to bring LOVE home with us!

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