Oh Those Southern Sunsets!

I have a confession to make. I’m a bit of a dork when it comes to certain things.

I cry really easily…like in coffee commercials when the son comes home from the army…or when Dean Martin sings “Return to Me”…or when I receive an unexpected phone call just at the right time… or when one of my friends scores a victory…or when my daughter shares special thoughts with me…I cry.

Yep…I cry over things like that. I also cry when my dinner table is filled with friends and family and I say Grace. Grace makes me cry because no matter how hard some seasons of life are…I am so very blessed.

And now…I sometimes cry at sunsets. You’d think that I’d never experienced beautiful sunsets before. I mean…growing up near the beach, sunsets are pretty spectacular…but there’s something about a Southern Sky and especially the sunsets. At first I wanted to jump in the car and chase the sunset…but now I know to just sit down and watch, because it never lasts very long and the clouds always move at record speed and so you absolutely must STOP and SIT! And when I do this…I cry.

Watch how the sky changes. I was taking these photos at a rapid pace.

I told you…I’m a dork but I think it’s okay to cry.

These sunsets take my breath away and last night was pure magic! I mean…what is God doing up there? What kind of crayons are in His coloring box?

Authors write songs about Southern Nights and I’m pretty sure the sun setting has something to do with it…

It’s incredible how, for just a few minutes at the end of day…the world is bathed in pink and orange with flashes of peach thrown in for good measure.

I stand in awe of this kind of beauty. It speaks to me in ways that I am trying to understand. It tells me to stay calm and trust.

And because sunsets don’t really make a very loud appearance during the winter months here in Franklin, Tennessee; they also remind me to appreciate them when they appear and never take the beauty that is surrounding us this fall for granted.

I promise you this was the color of the sky…

I took too many things for granted before this move and one thing I’ve learned this past year and couple of months is to be grateful…

Grateful for the moments…the small things and the majestic ones…the quiet of dusk when the birds have landed in the trees for the night…and the geese fly overhead…and world is dressed in pink and red and orange. I do better when I live in gratitude.

May your world always light up like a Southern Sunset!

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