Oh The Things People Say!

Oh the things people say is right!

This is not the first time I’ve felt the urge to write about some of the crazy things people have said to me since moving to Franklin. It’s astounding really. I used to brush it off, but now that I’ve lived here awhile, I find it rather insulting. I’m writing this on Super Tuesday and this is as political as I will ever get here and it’s not political at all.

I’m the first one to be very clear that with geographical differences come varying life views. It’s what makes this country interesting, but I also find it downright shocking and even rude some of the things people have actually asked or said to me about Middle Tennessee. And it is astounding how many people don’t use Google to learn or gather information.

Let’s begin with the most recent conversation, which happened on Sunday, the evening of the Academy Awards and prompted this post.

My mom was talking to her cousin about watching the Oscars, and as God is my witness, she said, “Do you get the Academy Awards where you live?” Ummm…where do you think we moved to – the Moon? If this wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny.

While talking to a friend the other night, I told her that I thought it would be fun if she stopped off in Nashville for a short visit on her way to Chicago when she goes for business. I mentioned that it’s just an hour flight from here to there and her response was, “I don’t do fly-over states.” What? Seriously, this was the response.

Our amazing boomtown Nashville is a “fly-over.”

Sometimes it gets really personal…

I’ve been asked if I still have my teeth? Really? My teeth?

As you can see my teeth are still in tact.

Or how about when I was asked if I could get “regular” nail polish colors in Franklin? That’s one of my favorites and I’m still not sure what it means.

Yep…regular nail polish color.

It’s been noted that Middle Tennessee has a “sophisticated road system.” I think that means that we have pavement.

Or there was the one about food. Can you eat any healthy food in Franklin or Nashville and is it okay to drink the water?

Do they have regular stores is another one of my favorites?

Or “Watch out for those crazy Christians.” What in the word does this mean? I didn’t ask.

My pastor at my church…not a crazy Christian.

It just goes on and on, but my all time favorite was when a friend of mine came to visit and said after a couple of days, “You know, it’s really quite civilized here.” Yep…with a straight face these words came out of someone’s mouth.

Quirky but civilized.

Now we can laugh about this, but there’s a bigger story here and it’s disturbing. Perhaps you’ve noticed that we live in a vitriolic world. Anger and frustration seem to outweigh peace and calm. I’ll take peace and calm any day.

Differences exist no matter where you venture off to in this world. We expect them when we travel abroad, In fact, we’re excited by them, but in our own country we somehow manage to get all judgmental. We determine someone’s IQ based upon their accent. We assume that everyone is the same – with the same ideas, perceptions and attitudes. They aren’t, but often that’s the assumption.

Judgments serve no one. I think we all basically long for the same things in life (of course there are exceptions). We want good health, an ability to support ourselves and our families, food on the table, a roof over our head, freedom, kindness and peace in our hearts. I think most people want this and in my opinion, judgments divide us.

People differ…but its values that matter to me. Is Franklin without its issues? No. Is Franklin nirvana? Sometimes. For me, it’s home and it’s taught me to open my eyes…my heart…my mind and to let go of preconceived notions that I once had about places. We have enough challenges in this country. Isn’t time to have eyes wide open and open hearts to differences?

I think so…how about you?

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