Not a Tiny Town!

My Mom was shocked when we arrived in Franklin, because she had this image in her mind that she was moving to a tiny town and it isn’t. She thought there would be one streetlight hanging in the middle of the intersection and not very many people, and it took her awhile to get a new perspective.

Now don’t get me wrong. Franklin is a tiny town compared to Los Angeles. According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2012, 66,280 people resided in Franklin, a city in Williamson County, where 193,000 people live. (It does sound pretty small compared to Southern California!)

The thing about Franklin is that it’s the biggest little city I’ve ever been to. Everything is here…from industry, lots of shopping and restaurants, and major corporations to small town America and wide open spaces. You can drive in less than five minutes and find yourself in the country, but you can also drive two minutes and be at the nearby mall. You have this feeling when you drive down the street or even on the highway that you really are in the country. Everything is green and lush and not  crowded. Wide open spaces as far as the eye can see and it takes some getting used to.

Historic Downtown Franklin is magic. From the town square to the unique boutiques (not touristy at all) to the restaurants – it feels so warm and inviting. (Sadly, for me, there is a Starbuck’s. I’m pretty sure there’s one everywhere.) But we also have The Frothy Monkey, a coffeehouse and farm to table restaurant – far more fun to have coffee here.

Coffee justs tastes better here.

It seems like there’s a church on every corner, and truthfully, there are.

The Presbyterian Church in Downtown Franklin.

Franklin, and from what I have seen of Tennessee, is lush and unspoiled. The rolling hills are inviting and dotted with farms and ranches. Horses graze in the pasture and cattle dot the hills. The long grasses sway in the breeze. The sky is ever-changing and the cloud formations take your breath away. Sunsets are very different from California and sky looks like it’s on fire.

I never want to get accustomed to this sky.

You see what I mean?

It’s a daily occurrence.

I’ve witnessed geese flying in formation, flocks of starlings every night at sunset, armadillo crossing the street, wild turkey, otter by a stream, deer, and a porcupine drinking water by the side of the road. At night, fireflies light up every meadow and even my garden. I hear owls in the trees outside my front door and for this city girl, it’s a huge and welcome change. I’m enthralled with how beautiful it is.

Maybe that’s why the people (who are mostly transplants) are so pleasant and happy. Maybe it’s just the simple majesty of my new home, Franklin, Tennessee.

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