My Love Letter to Franklin

I was struggling with what to write to commemorate my two-year anniversary of moving to Franklin, and I then I thought perhaps my love letter to Franklin might be a good idea.

It was hot and humid and I was crabby, but mostly I was scared and feeling lost…like totally lost and truthfully, I was wondering what in the world I had done…just up and leaving my life and friends and family and moving to a place I had visited once in my life for only four days! I know…crazy right?

Here we are driving into Franklin and what do I see before me…a car with surf boards!

We didn’t know anyone. We had no friends and no family and that’s weird because usually big moves are prompted by major life changes…but not us…we were sort of pioneers.

Our first nine months were not the greatest, but you were patient with us. It took us awhile to completely fall in love with you. I hope you understand.

I made it through tornado season and that was a whole new experience! In fact I hid in my closet, but only once. I’m still not wild about tornadoes, but I’m learning not to freak out.

But then you gave us October…oh the blessing of October! Everyone should know a Franklin fall. You sure know how to put on a show!

Radnor Lake…my happy place.

I never knew fall would be so packed full of activities – from pop-up shows to festivals to harvest time…this is my first time experiencing a real fall and I love it!

You attract some incredibly talented, artistically-amazing people. I know…a lot of adjectives but it’s true. There are reasons why you receive so many accolades. You deserve them, but now that I’ve been here for two years, I kind of wish they’d stop, because I don’t want to share you.

Truly one of my favorite places. When I walk through these doors, my heart is at peace. David Arms is a blessing.

You’ve changed me, which I really didn’t anticipate. I’ve slowed down a lot. I’ve lightened up. I found my soul. I didn’t know I had lost it but I’ve discovered things about myself I never knew were buried within me. Deciding to leave my life felt so crazy, but you called me because you knew what I needed. I never believed God had a plan, but I know now that He does, and I’m so glad I paid attention. I listened with incredible trepidation, but here I am two years later and you are my home.

I love you Franklin and I’m so grateful you called my name.

Thank you Franklin for blessing my life and me.

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