My Journey to Easter

I sigh heavily in anticipation of writing this post because it’s incredibly personal, but it’s also about Easter and truthfully, I feel wholly unqualified to write about this world-changing event.

You have to go several pages deep to find a story by a blogger about the real meaning of Easter.

This year, Easter, for me, is so much more than what’s for dinner and making Easter Baskets. This year, it’s my personal awakening into the love and hope that Easter offers each of us.

It’s no secret that my move to Franklin has been much more than just relocating my life and starting over. Pretty much I’ve experienced a total transformation and I haven’t sought it. It happened ever so subtly and in such small ways, until one day I woke up and realized that I wasn’t the same person who moved almost three years ago. It’s truly been miraculous and it is definitely a “God thing”.

For the better part of my life I really didn’t get much about God and I certainly didn’t know the LOVE He has for me. I wanted to believe; I really did, but if I’m being honest, I struggled with questions, but I didn’t know where to find the answers. So I ignored them and went about my business.

But this year, I’ve been learning and growing and thanks to my church and my pastor, I’ve come to understand that God has always been patiently waiting for me. What an incredible gift.

And you want to know what’s funny? I landed at a church that is nothing like what I thought church should be. It’s modern and loud and there’s no choir, but there’s a lot of music, and my pastor doesn’t wear robes; but he speaks to me and more importantly, to my heart, amidst all the other people who sit there each week. And I cry – a lot in church.

In a world filled with pain and suffering, how do we move closer to God? We either lean in or we turn away thinking God is the one responsible for somehow creating the suffering on our planet. I’m choosing to lean in even more. Easter is the promise of hope and redemption and forgiveness for each of us and I don’t about you, but I need those things in my life.

Sometimes we must first believe before we see and if we truly begin to see…to look past the brokenness and the suffering, we begin to see the tiniest glimpses of hope. I’m holding onto the promise of hope.

I have nothing against Easter baskets and Peeps…in fact I love them and I love a good meal shared around my table more than almost anything. I also realize there will be people who don’t agree with me here, and I’m okay with that too, but I couldn’t let Easter go by without sharing my story of how God’s love has shown up for me this past year.

I wish you and yours a beautiful, hopeful Easter.

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