Moving to Franklin and “I’m Scared…”

Today I received an email from one of my sweet readers and first and foremost, it always touches my heart when you takes the time to leave a comment…or reach out to me personally.

But today…on this beautiful crisp fall day, this email really made me sit back and think about all the challenges that life throws at us and sometimes how hard it is to just get up in the morning, but also how far we can travel in such a short time.

The trees in front of my house.

The email today was from a reader who is moving to Franklin and she’s terrified…and she took the time to share all her feelings and fears about this very big move that she’s embarking on with her family.

And it brought tears to my eyes because I know EXACTLY how she feels and it took me back to a little over a year ago when I had so many questions and doubts and fears and nights of total terror…because this voice in my head kept saying, “What have you done? You stupid girl. What have you done?”

Like us…she and her husband made the decision to move. It was not forced on them and somehow, when things aren’t forced upon us, big decisions like moving across the country become bigger…because now everything is ours to own. It’s always ours to own, but if you have to move for business or family reasons, you can somehow put your challenges on someone else.

I hear her so clearly. I get it. I want to reach through the computer and put my arms her and tell that “it’s going to be okay,” but that would be a lie, because I don’t know that will be. We’re fragile, but through our fragility we find our strength.

I know this…leaving family and friends is way harder than adjusting to Franklin. Franklin is warm and friendly and welcoming and you can make some really special friendships here. Franklin is also a beautiful place to live, which, for me, makes it easier on those days when I’m having a hard time. Will it be different than California? YES in a very big way. It’s just not possible to compare the two places. Each has its own special character and maybe that’s one of the problems in our world…is that we make all these comparisons.

But once again…I digress. I’m not sure I have the answer for my sweet reader. I’m not sure I have the cure for the days when she’s feeling blue. I know that the first time someone reaches out to you and invites you to do something…it feels like your whole world has changed. I remember that day so well and still feel so blessed. I also remember when I took a short cut home to avoid a little rush hour traffic. I felt like I was somehow home.

If she was sitting with me and we were having a cup of coffee, I’d tell her that it’s the little’s the moments…it’s that special beauty that takes your breath away…it’s getting through a really tough day…and it’s keeping in touch with your loved ones and friends…and it’s their visits that fill us with joy and laughter…

And it’s also forging ahead and embracing all that is new. And it’s also learning to get comfortable with what’s uncomfortable.

It’s Discovering…not just Franklin but yourself. It’s opening up to all that is possible.

I want you to know that if you’ve moved or your thinking about moving or you just want to talk, please feel free to email me here.

Does this resonate for you?


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