Morning at Radnor Lake

There are places that heal my soul…places with such precious beauty that you just never want to leave and re-enter the world…Radnor Lake on the outskirts of Nashville is one of those places.

The last time I visited, it was in October and it was COLD! In fact it was so cold, I had to wear long underwear. But the trees were changing and winter had not yet arrived, even though it was COLD!

Even with the cold, I was able to capture this heron.

Spring is in full swing in Middle Tennessee and this is when Radnor Lake makes its glorious debut!

You have never seen so many shades of green. The lake was calm and peaceful on our morning walk and the weekend crowds were all at work.

What a blessing that my daughter was here and I played a little hooky myself.

We did the easy walk…it was our last day together and we wanted to stroll and talk and take in all the beauty.

Oh…the forest is so lush!

The turtles were sunning themselves on a rock in the middle of the lake and the sounds are the constant song of birds.

Look closely and you can see the turtles.

The heron were hiding.

No deer were in sight but you could almost feel them watching you.

On our visit, the wildlife was pretty quiet, but if you’re really lucky on your visit, you might see an eagle soaring overhead…an owl sitting and watching you…or maybe you’ll see otter playing in the water.

When I’m at Radnor Lake it’s hard to believe that all the world is not at peace. I’m reminded to take it all in…inhale it and bring whatever I can, home with me.

I’m reminded to slow down and stop worrying about things I can’t do anything about.

I’m reminded that nature heals and we need to take better care of it.

I’m reminded that I’m a tiny speck in Nature’s wonderland and I’m grateful to be able to experience more of God’s masterpiece in my quest to Discover Franklin and her surrounding areas.

I’m reminded to be acutely grateful for the gifts that await me at Radnor Lake.

If you come to visit the Nashville area…bring your walking shoes and your camera and take a stroll around Radnor Lake. You should know that this is a State Park and everyone is doing everything possible to keep it pristine. There are rules to follow. No jogging, no dogs or bicycles are allowed off the pavement. Picnicking, fishing and swimming will get you into a lot of trouble. You can learn more here.

Are there places that heal your soul? I’d love to hear about them.

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