Missing My Girl…

Not all days are perfect even when it’s gorgeous outside and fall is in the air. Some days I just miss so many things that I took for granted and thought I’d never be without. Today, I miss Kaitlyn and our Sunday night dinners together. I miss my Mom Hugs. I miss seeing her face and hearing her laugh. I miss her. I wish she would come walking through the door full of her Kaitlyn energy. Some days hearing her voice on the other end of phone just isn’t enough and today is one of those days.

So many lessons learned from this move, but the most important one is to never take anyone or anything for granted. Live in gratitude each time your life is touched by someone you love, and share your feelings fully. Life is precious and even in this crazy, frenzied world, we have to slow down and remember that nothing matters more than speaking our love.

I love you my sweet girl and today Mama is really missing you.

Taken from our trip to Paris…just the two of us.

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