Life is Weird and Thinking of You

How are you doing? I mean it really - how are YOU doing? I've been really quiet over here because I'm finding myself at a loss and wholly unprepared to offer up much of anything except maybe a shared experience or two. Processing all that's going on has me at a complete loss. I watch the news to stay informed, but then I can't wait to turn it off. I pray - A LOT. I talk to myself in hopes that God hears me.

I've been self quarantined (per government instructions) for 11 days now and yesterday was the first time I left the house. I had to get some produce -something green with chlorophyll. The store was eerily empty. I headed to the back of the produce department to get a couple of bags of spinach and I witnessed a man buying every single box and bag there was. It was like 23 boxes! I asked if he was going to take it all and he replied curtly, "YES!" I asked if he might let me have one box and he said a flat out "NO!" His wife then reached into their cart and threw a box of spinach in my cart. Then they stormed away and cleaned out the frozen waffle section.

I stood in the middle of Sprouts and cried. I didn't cry for myself (well maybe a little bit); I cried for all of us. I've never been brought to my knees more in my life. It's extremely humbling to have no answers. I don't know has become my new mantra.

So I thought I'd share some of what I'm doing in no particular order.

Talking on the phone to my daughter like 85 times a day. I hate that I can’t hug her. It's almost impossible to believe that now she's in total lockdown in Los Angeles. God - I miss her.

Cleaning out closets – This is round two and I'm finished.

Organizing drawers – always a work in progress

Organizing flannel shirts – never ends

Trying to figure out what to cook with what I have in the house. Sometimes this is successful but not always.

Not leaving my house unless I absolutely have to. I have to protect my Mom.

Reading - thankfully I'm a collector of books

Getting back on my Peloton bike that I’ve ignored, and when you ignore the Peloton, getting back on it is painful. I will persist. The other day I could barely walk.

Going through old files and shredding papers. Like taxes from 10 years ago. Literally filled three huge garbage bags of paper.

Trying not to panic over lost business. Being a small business owner is always challenging and now everything has changed.

Calling my friends instead of texting and checking on everyone I know.

This might sound weird, but I’m trying to be more like my dog – living in the moment…being kind and loving. I’m working on simplicity.

I’m staying away from all negativity.

Taking walks outside when it's not raining because spring is here and it's so beautiful. The lush greens and trees in bloom are always a blessing to me.

Did I mention praying?

I’m keeping an ongoing list of ALL the things I NEVER want to take for granted again.

And just in case you were wondering…I am NOT hoarding toilet paper, hand sanitizer or food.

I’m an extrovert and this is challenging. Check on your extroverted friends because we're having a hard time.

And I don't know about you, but 2020 will NEVER be invited to another party.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing? Will you share below?

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