Lessons from a Handicapped Chihuahua

Tiny Pepita is a handicapped chihuahua who weighs in at all of 4 pounds. All four of her legs are crippled and she is unable to walk except for hobbling around on what would be our elbows. She was abandoned as a pup on a hiking trail in Los Angeles and left for the coyotes. Thankfully, she was rescued. Thankfully she has a home – actually a few of them.

Do you see her little handicapped feet. Sweet baby.

My daughter Kaitlyn, we’ll say is her fairy godmother. Pepita is a remarkable little dog and when she looks at you with her big brown eyes…your heart melts. She appears to be almost Yoda-like. I love Yoda…don’t you?

Kaitlyn was taking care of Pepita while I was in Los Angeles and I got to spend quality time with this little marvel. Remember that Pepita can’t walk and she only weighs four pounds. She’s vulnerable and really her only defense is her growl or bark…and she KNOWS how to bark…but she also knows how to trust and for me…that was my biggest takeaway with Pepita.

As I prepare to launch my new Lionhearted Woman website (next week and I’m super excited), I’m spending a lot of time in reflection and observation. Life is so interesting when we reflect and observe. Pepita is worth both.

Imagine for a minute being abandoned and then rescued and then learning to trust humans – the ones who abandoned you. But trust she does – sweet little thing. She needs her human caregivers, otherwise she would die. So she’s learned to squeak when she needs to go out or have a bit of water. She just squeaks.

Apparently she also knows how to ROAR!

She’s quite the lover of human food and Kaitlyn carries her in her purse wherever she goes; but somehow in a restaurant when the food appears, Pepita pops her head up and out of the purse.

But it’s not food or the squeaking that makes her special. It’s how she is with children especially handicapped children.

We were shopping and a little boy who was autistic came running at her and Pepita just sat calmly on Kaitlyn’s lap and let him envelop her. He was laughing and happy and he didn’t want to leave. Pepita just sat. TRUST.

Another little boy ran at her and she just quietly sat watching. He could have been rough, but he wasn’t because she was gentle. TRUST.

I watched her melt hearts. I watched as she sat on a high stool at the Malibu pier all by herself to have her picture taken. I watched total strangers come to her and she just trusted that she would be okay.

So what can we learn from Pepita? Sometimes I feel like we are a society that is deeply lacking in trust – we’re leery of others and we find it hard to trust. We see too much sorrow and pain and it oozes over into our own lives. And yet…human kindness and decency is everywhere. I see it daily…we all do. Pepita reminds us to TRUST. She reminds us to watch and she reminds us that even when abandoned, there is so much goodness in the world. Pepita reminds me to seek goodness – always.

She is tiny in stature but I’m pretty sure her heart is huge. We can learn a thing or two about trust from this little handicapped chihuahua. Thank you Pepita for the reminder.

What have you learned from your pets. Please share your story below.

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