It’s Very Busy in My Backyard and a Little Rant!

I LOVE going to the nursery and buying plants, vegetables, decorative items and even fertilizer for my garden. I especially like figuring out exactly where the plants will go and I even enjoy sitting in the dirt planting them. I don’t mind amending the soil and I’m okay getting muddy, but…

Once everything is planted, I really don’t want to tend to it. I’d like it to do that on its own. It doesn’t, but it would make me happy if it did.

I have oodles of weeds in my gardent, because weeds are very happy in Middle Tennessee, but thanks to Pure Green Lawn Care, I don’t have a weed problem in my lawn. One problem taken care of. Keep reading because I have more lawn tips at the end of this post.

I’m trying to learn how to care for my yard without spraying poison everywhere, but it’s difficult when poison is present in every store you go to.

I like organic products. I have domesticated pets and frequent wild visitors to my yard and I’d like to avoid at all costs, poisoning them. Does that mean that my yard will not look perfect and pristine? YES! Have you ever seen nature look pristine? Me either.

I’m working on creating a haven for wildlife, especially bees. Did you know that bee pollination is responsible for almost half of the food we eat? We’re in serious trouble of losing our bee population because of all the chemicals we use. Our world is in big trouble if we somehow manage to wipe out the bees.

Far be it from me to dictate what anyone should do. I really am not a fan of the word Should, but I would like to strongly encourage you, when shopping for plants this spring to not purchase these…

I’ve been studying about some of the critters that hang out in my yard and it’s pretty fascinating.

Let’s not forget about butterflies and how they work so hard to collect and spread pollen. Did you know that the pollen they collect on their tiny feet falls onto other flowers and pollinates them? I never gave it much thought. Butterflies also have color vision (who knew) which gives them an advantage over bees because it allows them to spot some flowers that bees might have missed.

This is all the reason I need not to spray my backyard with anything but natural, organic products.

You know those wild rabbits that love to eat your newly planted vegetables? Well…guess what? The droppings they leave behind contains lots of nutrients that help our fruits and flowers and their underground burrows help to oxygenate the roots of your plants. It’s a toss up now, right?

Now what about the mole? I know…they wreak havoc but they also eat harmful insects and grubs that can wipe out your garden.

And for those you non-squirrel lovers…guess what? Squirrels often forget where they’ve hidden all the nuts and seeds they’ve collected because well…hiding in so many places is confusing. Eventually the abandoned seeds sprout into trees. Squirrels help replenish our ecosystem. I think that’s so cool.

So maybe we can find simple ways to co-exist and help our environment while we’re at it. At least give some thought to creating a non-toxic weed killer before you buy the poison. It’s easier to find the poison, but I don’t think easier is necessarily better in this case.

And in keeping with this post…I love that Pure Green Lawn Care uses organic fertilizer. Here’s why it’s important.

1. Soil Fertility

Using organic fertilizer will improve the quality of your soil, unlike chemical fertilizers, which tend to degrade it over time. They contain organic material that aids the soil in retaining moisture and nutrients, improving the fertility and lifetime of your soil overall.

2. Safe Environment

Organic fertilizers are bio-degradable and do not cause pollution – a great benefit for your family and pets. Organic treatments are harmless, so no more need to worry about your children or pets playing outside on the lawn anymore.

3. Plant Growth

Overall, organic fertilizers are gentler and kinder than chemical fertilizers. They are broken down by soil bacteria to be absorbed by the plants, causing a more even distribution of the fertilizer. This allows your grass to grow at a steady pace rather than all at once, which makes the organic fertilizer last longer, resulting in a greener lawn for even longer!

I hope y’all are having a lovely spring. It’s been really kind of magical this year.

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