It’s Quiet in My House…

Hello Sweet Friends…it’s been awhile since I’ve written and it’s good to be back. I took some much-needed time off and spent it with my daughter…my small family here in Franklin and some friends. I made a decision to not make myself into a whirling dervish this year and I slowed down to really take in all the glory of Christmas. And it worked!

It was a magical Christmas season, but today my house is way too quiet because Kaitlyn left this morning. I have a love – hate relationship with Nashville airport. I’m either picking her or friends up who come to visit or I’m saying good-bye, and so I’m always leaving a small piece of my heart at the airport.

Today, as I was driving home in the rain, listening to nothing but the sound of the windshield wipers, with Sassy sleeping on the seat next to me, I was unaware of anything except the awareness of just how quiet everything suddenly became.

I’m a big fan of the quiet…I like to get quiet and spend time alone with my thoughts, but today it’s feeling a little too quiet for me. Kaitlyn’s laughter fills the air. I’ll recover…I always do…and by tomorrow I’ll jump right in and get going…but today…I’m going to spend time in the quiet and be grateful that I had these last 10 days with my girl.

This visit was special because she’s been here several times so we didn’t have to see the sites…we just hung out and played it by ear and it was pretty near perfect.

Here’s some of what we did…

Of course we went to Leiper’s Fork…she loves it almost as much as I do.

You can’t go to Leiper’s Fork at Christmastime without visiting Santa.

I was on the Nice list this year.

And we took a country drive and hung out with cows!

What is it about cows?

And we drove around with hot chocolate and looked at all the sparkly Christmas lights. (This is a long-standing tradition for us.)

And we went to Sperry’s and had Christmas cocktails and oh my gosh…we actually have a photo of the three of us!

And of course, we went shopping in Downtown Franklin but we were too busy talking and carrying our packages to take pictures!

And we sat by the fire and just talked. My favorite time.

And on Christmas Eve morning…this article showed on the pages of The Tennessean about yours truly and the move to Tennessee. You might find it a fun read.

And our little family sat down to a dressy Christmas Eve dinner…really missing the rest of the family this night.

And we took a walk on Christmas Day because it was so beautiful and played in the leaves!

And we also went to Studio Tenn and saw “It’s a Wonderful Life”! which was wonderful and so well done. We’re blessed to have such amazing theater in Franklin.

And then we had a bonus the day before Kaitlyn left…my niece came to Nashville for a visit and for one entire day…I had my two favorite girls all to myself. And we had an absolute blast and there was so much laughter and joy and I’m just going to hold onto that until I visit California in March.

The quiet will dissipate…and I’ll get back to normal…but I think you can understand why today might be a bit too quiet.

A rare family photo for sure. In fact, I never thought this would happen,but it just goes to show…that blessings happen every day.

I’ve heard from many of you this Christmas and I want you to know how much I love reading your emails, but more importantly, I’m so grateful that you take the time to share your stories with me. Maybe you’ve noticed that the blog has a new tag line…it used to read – “Making a New Home in Tennessee,” but now reads…”Finding Joy in a Simpler Life,” and I really feel that that’s what it’s all about…Joy in Simplicity…

I’m excited for 2015 and all the possibility it holds. Finding Joy in the Newness of what lies ahead is what fills me with excitement.

What are you looking forward to? Take a moment and leave your comment below.

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