I Went Beauty Hunting!

Before I moved to Franklin, I spent a lot of time on a very special blog, LLH Designs created by a beautiful woman. Like me, Linsey Hasenbank and her family left their home in Houston and moved to Franklin, Tennessee to live on a farm. She was one of my many inspirations as Dominic and I were making our huge life-changing decision, and she spent time on the phone sharing her life…her challenges…her fears…her successes…and her glories with me. She was patient and kind and I knew that we would meet once I arrived here. It took almost two months, but today I spent most of the day at her farm with five other women, Beauty Hunting, as she calls it. God is in the details and today…our lives were full.

I only got a little bit lost driving to the farm, which is a vast improvement over some other adventures I’ve been on. Truthfully, I was so immersed in the beauty of the drive that I missed the turn. I arrived at the Ten 10 Farm and immediately felt the peace of the home she and her husband have created. It’s hard to imagine that she welcomed with open arms 5 total strangers into her home. We shared some fresh brewed cinnamon coffee…fresh biscuits and headed out the back door to discover the simple majesty of the farm. We began photographing spider webs. (I’m a novice photographer, but you’ll see…I’m learning.)

When you’re on a Beauty Hunting Retreat, you fine tune your eye and all your senses to the magic that surrounds you.

Beautiful Bella

Not much cuter than Mama and her baby ducklings.

The light seemed perfect here.

This beauty is growing wild in the meadow.

It wasn’t all beauty hunting. There was also Beauty Dining and the fresh farm to table organic lunch prepared by JD, Linsey’s husband. It doesn’t get better than this.

Our little Beauty Hunting group…

There’s magic here at The Ten 10 Farm and you really don’t want to leave.

I’ve slowed down here and it feels good. I took a day off from work (something I never did in Los Angeles) and I’m finding that when I come back, I’m better, because of the time off. I’m replenished and full of what’s good. We can’t all do a Beauty Retreat in Franklin, TN, but you can do one right in your own backyard.

But…if you do plan a trip to Franklin, try and coordinate your visit around a Beauty Hunting Retreat.

Happy Hunting! Cindy

I love to hear from you…so keep sharing your stories and your dreams here with me.

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