I Visited a Bee Farm!

It’s no secret that I LOVE farm animals!

Before we got to the bees we visited with the Shetland Sheep all named after Disney characters.

I have a dream of one day having a small farm in Leiper’s Fork for all creatures great and small. I’m pretty sure I might end up single if actually pursued my dream, so for now…I go visit farms.

By now you know I want chickens and after seeing this one…I really want them. Have you ever?

Before the Christmas rush, I went to a bee farm!

Now truth be told, I’ve never been a fan of insects or bees, but after spending an afternoon with Jeromy Tolley and his bees, I have a much bigger affinity.

Jeremy and his beautiful Mali…nanny and protector to the animals.

Our bee population is in danger and without bees, our food supply is in a world of trouble.

In 2015 the Tennessee bee population lost 25% of its bee colonies! That’s frightening and it can be avoided. Scientists believe it’s the result of pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified crops. And yes…this is what we eat!

So whether you like bees or not, we all need to find ways to support local bee farmers and invest in the purest of honey (more on this later) when we can. Maybe this year, we can all be more aware of where our food comes from. (If you want to learn more about bees and bee keeping, go here.)

I wondered how bee keeping became Jeremy’s hobby. I’m not sure it would be up my alley – bee suit or not!

Plus for him…it was stress relief. Jeremy went to Bee School!

He has five hives and each hive has tens of thousands of bees. This time of year, they take a break…rest and gear up for spring when they ramp up production to increase the brood!

They huddle together and vibrate and they keep the hive at 93 degrees!

Huddled together and vibrating to keep the hive warm.

Bees are the only insect that produce a surplus of food! I told you I discovered a new found respect for these amazing creatures.

Have you read that eating a spoonful of local (and it has to be local) honey will help keep seasonal allergies at bay? Jeremy isn’t sure this is true or that there’s enough evidence to prove it is, but in his opinion there’s a big reason to make local honey part of your life and according to Jeremy it’s…

Because a warm biscuit with Irish butter and honey is maybe the best thing you’ll ever eat!

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Tolley.

Jeremy has a limited amount of honey left but in spring there will be a lot more. You, too, can enjoy honey from Red Thread Farm by emailing him here.

Friends told me it was the BEST honey EVER and I was skeptical, but it is and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree.

Bees…heirloom chickens…shetland sheep…breathing fresh air…surrounded by the glory of nature equals a pretty perfect afternoon for me. I’ll keep dreaming about life on a farm…but for now…I’m glad I can visit.

Chez Poulet…House of the Chicken…I love it!

I have to show y’all the chicken coop! I could take up residence there!

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