I’m All Over the Place

This has been an interesting week. Sunday I was outside cutting the roses back in 68 degree weather. I never cut my roses in Los Angeles until January, but the frost was coming and FAST!

This is what’s left of the roses. I’m treasuring them.

Dominic was blowing the thousands of leaves out of the yard and into the gutter, where the City of Franklin very kindly picks them up every Monday; and then yesterday we had snow flurries and temperatures in the 20s! We didn’t actually have snow where I live, but we had some very cold rain and whole lot of blustery wind.

Now I’m supposed to be excited about the change in seasons,(and I am), but I’m not ready for winter. I’ve been relishing fall and the changing colors.

This was last week.

I wasn’t ready for the trees to lose their leaves just yet. (I have friends coming for Thanksgiving and I was praying that they would hang around for their visit. I’m sorry Tina and Derek, but not this year.) I’ve always wanted to live where there are real seasons…the kind of seasons you read about and see in magazines…and let me tell you – Tennessee is THAT place. Every day some new weather pattern shows it face and this time it was a Canadian cold front.

Yesterday this tree was bright yellow. Today every leaf is on the ground.

And the tree from my window. Remember it from last week?

I wonder what winter will bring for me? I hear it’s dreary and very cold and damp but without a lot of rain or snow…just cold and damp. I don’t know. Is it possible to work in bed surrounding by my pets under the down comforter? Will I feel like working? Will I go out of my mind without the sun and warmth? Will I yearn for what I’m used to? I’m certain there will be days when I do.

But what I’m really wondering is how will I be emotionally? How will Dominic and Mom hold up? Will we go through cycles and come out the other side? I’m sure we will, but sometimes I wonder how? I think I’m getting ahead of myself here…that’s what happens in my mind sometimes…it just has it’s way with me.

I’m going to trust that I’ll be okay…that my new friends will help me get through whatever I’m experiencing. I’m looking forward to having my L.A. Pals come for Thanksgiving week…on yes, I’m excited, and like a little girl…I’m crossing days off the calendar for Kaitlyn’s visit at Christmas. Oh my gosh…I can’t wait!

My girl! (She won’t like that I posted this picture, but I love it!)

This is what’s going on for me today…no great insights…just sharing of my stuff. Stuff comes up and for me…putting it out there to you is what helps get me through the rough patches. There will always be rough patches, but as we head into this dedicated time of thankfulness…I’m going to choose gratitude for all the blessings in my life, even when there are rough patches. Yep…I’m all over the place. Thanks for bearing with me.

My dear friends are coming for Thanksgiving and it doesn’t really matter what’s outside…it what waits inside the front door that matters.

Feel like sharing your rough patches? I’m all ears with eyes wide open!


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