I Got Distracted & Reflections on Franklin

This past weekend I got distracted. I usually write on Saturday mornings in preparation for the upcoming week…but it was so beautiful outside and I had an interview (which normally doesn’t happen on Saturdays) and the country just seemed to be calling my name…


Then I started going through all my photos from the past year…and I got plain old distracted. Now here’s the thing…normally I would be freaking out about this…as if I would get in trouble for not following the plan! But today…I’ve hit another life milestone and I’m not freaking out at all.

In fact…I’m feeling good. I stepped out of my box (you know the box, right) and I met some new people and I took a long drive in the country and just went with whatever life was offering.

And in doing all that…I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments with you in pictures. Each one has special significance for me and I hope you like them.

For me, it doesn’t get much better than a visit to the David Arms Gallery. This was taken at an evening art show. I’m blessed to have David’s work hanging in my house.

My first ever Pop-up Show and one of the enticing booths filled with treasures.

My first walk at Radnor Lake and a lone heron on the bank. It was freezing that day!

Majestic colors and my view from a drive along the Natchez Trace.

When best friends come to visit…well…it’s just the best feeling ever!

This tree stands alone at Carnton Plantation and somehow it kept reminding me to stand strong on some very difficult days. I love this tree.

Wonderful Kaitlyn came for our first Christmas and somehow the world was bright again. I miss her and love her so much.

I met this amazing Arabian and made a new friend in his owner.

I went to the fair with my Mom and she went on this ride! A moment to treasure.

I went to California…visited my family and friends…walked in the sand at sunset and restored my soul.

Like I said in the beginning…I got distracted and lost in so many memories of this past year…my first year in Franklin Tennessee…a year of change…and challenge and personal growth…a year when I was brought to my knees so many times and a year when I finally came to fully realize that it’s the moments that life rich…moments when we think we can’t do one more thing and we find out we can…and it is in those moments when my heart said, “Thank You.”

I want to thank you too…thank you for your kind emails when you knew I was struggling. Thank you for leaving a comment and thank you for allowing me into your life.

And…thank you for allowing me to do this random post.

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