How to Glow Even in the Winter

Okay…this post might be more for the ladies than the guys, but gentlemen…keep reading because I’m going to tell you a perfect gift for the lady in your life, but first…

A long time ago I became a bit obsessed with skin – my skin and how to keep it glowing no matter the time of year or even my age. My family will attest to the obsession part.

What I learned is that skin needs a lot of attention, because it’s the most exposed organ on our body…so we have an obligation to take care of it, don’t you think?

If you’re anything like I am…then you’ll love knowing about an inviting, beautifully appointed, boutique med spa that recently opened in Downtown Franklin.

Glow – Franklin’s Boutique Medspa is going to become your new favorite place for all your skincare needs!

What makes Glow so special? A lot of things really, but it begins with their carefully chosen staff. Everyone is a Registered Nurse or Licensed Aesthetician and they are dedicated to making all of your skincare wishes a reality. Not every spa offers medical grade services in a lush environment. In fact, it’s rare.

Co-founder Dr. Jeffrey B. Marvel has become widely recognized for his cosmetic treatments in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area and he serves as Glow’s Medical Director. Gail Hayes has lived in Franklin for almost 20 years and even though she does not perform therapeutic services, she has vast knowledge about what clients want. Tonia Gibson is a Registered Nurse and a licensed aesthetic injector. Both Gail and Tonia are co-founders along with Dr. Marvel.

You’re in good hands with RNs and Certified Aestheticians.

Glow also offers non medical services like the On the Glow Facial…perfect for winterizing your skin, but they’re most excited about the Hydrafacial and once you’ve experienced this – you will be too!

Friends…Glow is one of 4 spas in the Nashville area offering this facial and it’s the Mac Daddy of them all. It’s a facial, chemical peel (without all the harshness) and microdermabrasion all in one and guess what? You leave Glowing! No down time…and chances are good you’ll receive oodles of compliments on your skin. I had a Hydrafacial and oh my gosh…radiant, gorgeous skin. I’m hooked. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my face.

Can we just be honest here…I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t love a Glowing compliment! Have you?

This is the perfect gift for the woman in your life…think NO FAIL Holiday gift!

Gift certificates are available and encouraged. Simply go to Glow or give them a call and order your gift card today. I promise…you’ll be a hero. Or ladies…share this post with your husband and boom…you’re good to go.

Winterizing your skin matters if you want to Glow all year round. Here are a few tips from Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Leigh.

1. In winter you’re erasing damage caused in summer.

2. Exfoliate often – about 3 times a week. Nothing super abrasive but be sure to exfoliate. Glow carries a lovely line of affordable products that they think you’ll love.

3. Use sunscreen EVERY Single Day – even on cloudy, yucky days.

4. Use products with Retinol after the age of 30 – who knew?

5. If you have dark spots, use a skin lightener that contains 2% hydroquinone, azleic acid and kojic acid. Call Glow…they have the product in stock.

6. Moisturize to off set all the dryness.

7. Take Vitamin C every day…helps your skin heal from the inside out!

8. Schedule a facial and get an expert’s opinion on exactly what your skin needs.

Glow is a gift to Franklin and you’ll be so happy you found them.

And if you’re really lucky…this cute little guy Gus will greet you upon your arrival. I fell in love with him and Glow!

Glow is located at 142 Second Avenue North, Franklin.


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