How Long Did It Take You and other Moving Questions

Can we all agree that moving across the country is kind of a big deal? Yes? Good, because it is.

Uprooting your entire life and heading out like a band of gypsies is not the norm. I get asked a lot of questions about our move and I know no one really wants to know the long answer.

So usually I say that I was ready for a big life change. And honestly that doesn’t make much sense to anyone either, because who just ups and moves without any family, friends or jobs? It sound kind of crazy.

I’m pretty sure it was a God thing, but that’s another story.

Recently I posted this video on my Facebook page and I was asked this question by a California girl who also has an itch to move.

“I love your posts and this video is great! I am in So Cal ( lifelong) and wonder how long it took you to acclimate to the weather there? It sounds like “home” to me!”

Now this is a very legitimate question because most everyone knows that Southern California has some pretty perfect weather if you don’t count the fact that they have no water due to lack of rain! However, there IS plenty of sunshine!

Come several times during different seasons. Be advised it rains a lot here. You’ll need to get used to that.

Find yourself a great realtor – one who really listens to you, understands your heart and will look for houses even if you’re not here.

Before moving, make a list of what you’re wanting from this move. Make your list big and specific. We didn’t do this. I just feel in love with Franklin and somehow…some way…I trusted that we were going to be okay.

I don’t think we did it right. It all happened too fast and we had some messes along the way. I don’t want that for you.

You have to know this great country of ours has huge regional differences. You can’t move from California or New York and expect things to be the same. You’ll miss some stuff that you took for granted. Find a trade-off.

You’ll be challenged in ways you never dreamed possible, but you’ll be okay. You’ll find your way, because if you decide to move just because…you’re an adventurer…you’re on a mission…you’re going for it and I like you already.

As I reflect on the last 2 1/2 years, what I can tell you is that it takes time to feel settled. I’m a settler and a nester and this has been the biggest challenge for me. I think I’m pretty settled now, although I still don’t know where everything is in the house.

But back to the question about weather…it didn’t take me long to adjust but that’s because I was craving change and I wanted to experience four seasons and Franklin, Tennessee offered just that, only seasons here aren’t too radical. Naturally, spring and fall our my favorites by a long shot and this year we’re having a glorious, magnificent spring!

Winter is kind of dreary but it doesn’t really get too cold until January and winds down mid-March. Here’s what winter has taught me. Even on the darkest, dampest days in mid-winter there is always beauty somewhere and certainly there is the promise of spring.

As I watch my garden come back to life and the birds making their nests in my birdhouses…I’m reminded that I am in awe of nature.

And can I just also say that my winter wardrobe is pretty cute. Jeans, flannels, sweaters and boots make me a happy girl.

This year we got snow and for me…it was just magic!

I am not a huge fan of summer but I wasn’t a fan in Los Angeles either. I don’t love the heat and YES…it is humid here. Period. End of conversation.

But with summer humidity comes outdoor concerts with fireflies dancing around you…cookouts with friends…floating down the river doing nothing and the truth is…I’m not the only sweaty person!

I am always joyful when the winds change and the nights get cooler and I can feel fall creeping in.

If you’re thinking of moving to Middle Tennessee or Franklin, I have a few tips for you.

You might want to take your time. We didn’t and I would recommend you do. Come visit and figure out exactly where you want to live.

What I love most about Franklin is that I can get away from everything in a matter of minutes.


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