Home is Where the Heart Is

I’m pretty sure that “Home is Where the Heart Is” are very true words. I didn’t really ever think much about it before moving to Franklin…and for the longest time…my heart wasn’t here. I was here, but my heart, now that’s a different story.

I don’t think my heart was anywhere except inside my body. This post is really for those of you have moved recently…are thinking about moving or are in the throws of trying to feel settled. It’s for YOU from my heart.

This week I’m headed to California for a little getaway.

She lives in my heart.

There will be lots of sunshine and celebration and it always feel so good to be in the company of those friends and family who love you just because…It’s really the most special kind of wonderful!

Love is really what this life is all about, but truthfully, it took moving to really open my eyes. We get so comfortable when we stay still.

Franklin has taught me to seek the blessings in the every day things. I’ve learned that weather – although nasty sometimes is filled with life lessons. I’ve learned to settle in and not fight the need to control so many elements of my life, because when you move – you really have no control over much of anything.

I told you about the day when I felt like I was home. It was pretty HUGE for me and as a result, what starts happening is that little home improvements become more important – you know…the personal touches. For some reason I went for 19 months without any window treatments in the living room! (If you know me then you’re scratching your head.) The chandelier never got hung in the kitchen. We repainted the guest bathroom three times and on and on and on and the worst part was that my office was pretty much a huge cluttered mess!

I wasn’t settled and when you feel unsettled and without friends or family…you just get by.

But all that has changed. Making friends in your new place makes opens your heart. I’m so grateful for my new friends.

I was having coffee the other day with a woman who reads my blog and lives a block away from me and she was struggling with the same things I was…the same things we all do. And she we were talking, she shed a few tears…but then – there was a connection and I felt a new friendship on the horizon. Life is good like that.

This week it feels like spring – there’s magic in the air and I know that it will get cold again…but this week spring feels like its upon us and spring is a time of new beginnings if you think of it as such. Spring brings possibility!

It takes time to embrace change…especially big change, but embrace it we must. Home is definitely where the heart it is and going to back to California always brings up a lot of feelings for me. It’s confusing and I don’t do well with conflicted.

Franklin is my now my home and my heart is here, but my heart can be anywhere that I decide it’s going to be. I get to do that and if you’ve moved recently – so do you.

I encourage you to give yourself time. Don’t worry about making your home perfect. It will be home when it’s the right time. Get out and explore. Drive down a country road and trust that you’ll get home.

Go Discover all that is new. Find beauty in the smallest of things…like the other day when I went to get the paper and these little beauties greeted me when everything else was still brown.

Find a new restaurant. Talk to a stranger. Reach out and extend your hand. Change is all about how WE show up.

So yep…I’m headed for California and I’ll walk the beach and hang out with friends and hug my daughter A LOT and I’ll celebrate life in all of its richness and then I’ll come home to where my heart is.

Soon the dogwoods will blossom and my garden will begin springing up and roses will bloom and grass will get greener and once again…the world wakes up.

Home IS where the heart is and Franklin is now my home.

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