Home Alone & Oh My!

I’ve lived in Franklin exactly 5 months now and in that time I’ve experienced two tornado watches, one tornado warning (on the first day of winter!), the coldest winter in decades, a polar vortex that almost rendered my heater a bust, but on Wednesday, January 8 at exactly 11:35am, I experienced something I never thought would happen – my downstairs was submerged in water!

We knew there was chance this might happen and we made sure we took all the necessary precautions to keep our pipes from freezing. We wrapped and insulated the pipes and kept all the faucets dripping for three days. But seriously, the temperature was somewhere between 2-5 degrees and the wind chill factor (which I know NOTHING about) made it more like -10 degrees! Again, this is NOT normal Tennessee weather. The heater was working overtime and our house never got above 62 degrees for three days. But I have to say, I have gotten very good at keeping the fire going. Please note: There is no gas line in the fireplace…just Dominic and me learning to be pioneers! (These are not the best photos I’ve ever taken due to the fact that I had little time to focus and think!)

I’m very proud of this fire that I built.

We thought we were in good shape, but Wednesday morning during a call from Kaitlyn, I came downstairs only to find my cat, Emmie, playing with some water in the entryway. Typically, we don’t have water in the entryway! When I walked around the corner I found the living room, hallway, laundry area and kitchen submerged in about 2-3 inches of water with it pouring in, I thought from behind the washer and dryer! You know the expression, “running around like a chicken with your head cut off..?” That was me. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and I had no idea how to turn off the main water line! (I do now!)

Thankfully, my wonderful neighbors were home and came to my rescue. Thank you Bob, Linda and Joyce. From the bottom of my heart…Thank You! I don’t know what I would have done without them. Bob flew into action and shut the water off and then we started sweeping and sopping up water with blankets and towels and anything we could find. We swept and swept and pulled area rugs out of the house, and somehow through sheer determination and the kindness and assistance of my incredibly special neighbors, we cleaned up this mess!

This is NOT what you ever want to see when it comes to your hardwood floors!

The plumber arrived around 7:30pm and he had to be wiped out. The calls they had received for three days straight were more than they could handle. And I just have to say if you live in the Middle Tennessee area, I am so impressed with Hiller Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. Our plumber was Webb and I’m afraid because he was so good and personable, that he’s stuck with us forever! Thank you Hiller for taking such good care of us. (I did NOT get paid for my endorsement. I just think quality service should be recognized.)

It turns out that I was right. The water was coming from inside the wall behind the washer and I think I’ll just let the picture tell the story.

I don’t think we could have prevented this.

You know…the thing is… that this could have been so much worse. I keep imagining what things would have been like if I hadn’t been home…if my meeting in Nashville hadn’t been cancelled. I think about the folks who had a main line break in their ceiling and their whole house was ruined. It could have been much worse and we’re grateful and blessed that it wasn’t. We had offers from new friends to stay at their homes if we needed to. We had offers to take a shower should we need to.

It’s possible that we’re being tested, but I’m not going there. Here’s what I know for sure. The people who we have met are good, kind, decent, people. They are strong and they take action and they expect absolutely nothing in return…except the same kindness should something happen to them. I’m blown away by the generosity of spirit that I’ve found here in Franklin. It’s refreshing…it excites me and at the same time…it humbles me. It warms my heart and gives me comfort and peace.

Things could have been so much worse…and from every challenge, there is a blessing and maybe even a miracle. When life gets hard, you sometimes have to look more closely for the miracles. Today…this sky was my miracle.


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