Hats, BBQ and a Couple of Hippies

I really love when friends come to visit, but I especially love an almost surprise visit on Mother’s Day from my daughter! I had no idea she was planning on being here until about a week before!

We had a truly peaceful (I’m not a fan of Mother’s Day crowds and brunches) day filled with planting the vegetable garden…cleaning up some left over winter mess (I know I’m late), and taking a walk along the Harpeth River because we haven’t purchased the canoe yet.

I like quiet, peaceful days at home because truthfully, they’re rare. I think enjoying one’s home is essential to peace in your heart.

But once again…I digress.

Back to when I have visitors…Of course we do Franklin, but Nashville is always a unique experience and a treat.

Yesterday we spent several hours shopping for the “perfect hat”, eating BBQ and we wrapped up our afternoon with more shopping.

Three stops and four hours later, we returned home with treasures. Well…I didn’t. I just drove.

Have you ever been to Hatwrks? (yes…that’s how you spell it?) If you love hats like I do, then this is your place. Owner and hat/milliner, Gigi Gaskins has the most amazing selection of hand-crafted hats made by Gigi, (they’re art pieces really), plus a huge selection of hats from Stetson, Bailey, Goorin Bros, Christy’s, Cha-Cha’s House of Ill Repute, Dobbs, Mr. Green, Louise Green, Arturo Rios and other boutique artisans.

You never know who you might run into at Hatwrks because well…it’s Nashville and anyone who is local and wears hats, shops here. Once you’ve been to Hatwrks, you’ll never do your hat shopping anywhere else. Go and tell her Cindy from Discovering Franklin sent you.

Seriously…it’s just the BEST!

Next stop…the famous Peg Leg Porker for some award-winning barbecue. Named one of the top 10 BBQ joints in the U.S., Peg Leg Porker does not disappoint. Memphis style BBQ ribs and slow roasted pork were on our table for lunch and of course several sides of their famous mac n’ cheese. It’s a vegetable side dish, y’all know, right?

I love baby back ribs and these are packed with flavor and fall off the bone.

Kaitlyn was a little overwhelmed at the size of her rib order.

I am not a restaurant critic – I only know what I like and Peg Leg Porker is a must visit if you want awesome BBQ. (You’ll find them in The Gulch.) Their website is full of history and stories, but really…just go. It’s about a mile or less away from Hatwrks and you won’t leave hungry.

For a totally unique shopping experience you have to go to Two Old Hippies, also located in The Gulch. The first word that comes to mind is unconventional, but with a whole lot of style.

I’m not sure I can really describe this store. There are books, cards (not Hallmark), artisan jewelry, women’s and men’s clothes, shoes, boots, games, a sound stage for the live music and a room filled with the most exquisite guitars and mandolins you’ve ever seen. You can read the story of the Two Old Hippies founders, Molly and Tom and their love for all things music, fashion (an ecclectic mix of hip apparel) and all things that have special meaning to both of them.

This is a shop where browsing is encouraged. So take your time and wander around and enjoy the vibe in this unique store.

And just to sweeten the deal for you…This Saturday, May 14th, from 8am – 2pm, Two Old Hippies is having their annual warehouse sale where everything in the store is radically reduced like to the point of crazy reduced. If you have an inkling to do a little (or a lot) shopping then mark your calendar and GO!

So there you have it…our 3 stop day and then home to take a nap!

We’re headed to Biscuit Love for lunch now, so stay tuned for more fun things to do when you have visitors or just feel like doing some discovering in Nashville.

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