Going Home & Coming Home…

I took a one week vacation to Los Angeles! It feels very odd to write that. I haven’t had a real vacation in a very long time. Somehow there’s always been work attached. Sure I find a way to enjoy myself, but there’s always work involved. Not this time. I left Franklin in the dead of winter. I needed a daughter fix and I really needed some sun. I don’t know about you, but I do better with sun. This has been a tough winter and even though, I’ve loaded up on my Vitamin D – there is simply no replacement for sunshine on your face.

Nothing like a sunset!

So off I went to L.A, but there is never enough time to see everyone, because there is this thing called traffic involved with every day and so many of my closest friends live out of the city. (A very smart decision, but it makes visiting everyone next to impossible.) If I missed you and you’re reading this…I’ll see you next time.

On the plane to L.A. I felt restless because it seemed very odd to go visit the place I lived my whole life. It was unsettling for me because I almost felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. Franklin is my home…but it’s going to take longer than 6 months for me to feel totally, completely at home. I’m still surprised that there are so many things I can’t find since our move. I suppose in time, they’ll surface. I felt excited and a bit scared. What if I wanted to stay? What if I felt out of place. There are always the what ifs and they’re pretty crazy, right?

Turns out…it was a glorious trip. Seeing my Kaitlyn was, of course, the highlight. We spent time every day together. We walked on the beach.

Toes feel better in the sand and not in shoes.

Kaitlyn’s and my footprints…side by side

We shopped. We ate good food. And we talked – a lot. I saw my family in Santa Barbara and we shared a perfect day and evening together.

My family

My brother and me

I do miss this.

I spent quality time with everyone. There were hugs, and laughter and tears at the end of each visit and I feel blessed that I’ve got so many special people in my life. Yep…I’m truly, deeply blessed. I think we take too many things and too many people for granted. We shouldn’t, but we do and usually it takes a big event for to start appreciating. I’m learning that life is not about how much you do, it’s about how much time you spend with your loved ones in the moment. It’s the moments that count and I’m grateful for my week and the moments.

I was a tourist in Los Angeles. Now that’s weird. But I went places that I’d normally not go to if I still lived there. (Like the incredible Getty Museum that I had never been to before this trip.)

I lapped up the 70+ degree weather and lavished in the sunshine. And after 7 whole days, it was time to turn in my rental car and catch my flight back to Nashville. Once again…there was apprehension. Gosh…I hope this it’s normal to feel this way. As we took off, on time (thank you American Airlines), I was surprised that a few tears were making their way down my cheeks. I didn’t feel sad, but clearly somewhere deep inside, I was already missing my girl, my family and my friends. I don’t think I miss L.A. very much.

When I arrived in Nashville, Dominic was waiting at the foot of the escalator for me – a most welcome sight. The drive home was easy even in the middle of rush hour, and as we pulled into the garage, Mom and Sassy and the kitties greeted me at the door. I was home. I’m learning that home is really where I feel loved…where I can settle in and be comfortable…where I can just be myself.

I live in Franklin now, but clearly, I can be home in more than one place. As I’ve said before, Discovering Franklin is so much more than discovering new places. Discovering Franklin is all about discovering me. Spring is just around the corner. Buds are on the trees. New plant growth is pushing through the ground. I’m excited for spring in Franklin, but I’m more excited to find out what new parts of me are waiting to be Discovered.

Thanks for spending time here.

Will you please leave a comment and let me know that all of these things I’m experiencing are normal.


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