Fall Splendor!

The last week has not been easy for me. I’m approaching 12 weeks in Franklin and there’s a shift happening for me. Some days I’m okay with it, but others, not so much. I feel weepy. I have uncertainty about a lot of things and familiarity is something I left behind in August. I’m adjusting and most days I’m doing pretty well…I even have some insight and grace. But this past week, I’ve been struggling.

Fall is here in all her glory and Mother Nature is putting on quite a show. Fall doesn’t happen like this in Los Angeles because it takes a frost for the trees to start showing their colors. So actually what happens is that the trees freeze..the leaves go into shock, change color and then they start shedding their leaves. In a way…I feel like I’m shedding old stuff. I’m struggling with it because my natural instinct is hold on to what is familiar…keep it close so I don’t have to feel any more discomfort, but I also know that’s not in my best interest. Today, I wonder what the shedding will bring…what the discomfort holds for me? I’m curious to see what’s on the other side of this. I’m searching for the balance with these feelings of mine and one of the ways I do that is to get outside as much as possible and languish in the beauty of Franklin in the fall.

Radnor Lake is simply a magical place.

Look at the crane my friend and I saw on our Radnor Lake walk.

Along the historic Natchez Trace Parkway

More Natchez Trace beauty

The light reflecting in the stream was perfect.

This beauty was waiting for her owner to finish lunch. Ahhhh….

Majestic colors!

Sassy is one happy dog!

And we ended up here…

My life is very different here and I’m learning that different is uncomfortable but it’s also okay. If you can relate to any of this, I’d love to hear your story. When you’re in the thick of things…why do we always feel like no one else has gone through this?

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